Monday, July 28, 2014

CTMH, Hearts a Flutter Team meeting

Saturday I woke to a stench...ewweee, what is that??? The damn dog got sprayed by a skunk. Apparently he was hit the night before and it was one crazy display of  the wild vs two boys a dog and my husband. I slept blissfully through the whole thing. Cushioned slightly by the fence and the fortune of having the husky double fur coat. I am told it could have been worse. He still stunk and continued to stink for the following two days. Stink or no stink...We have things to do and I start off by exploring weekend options for the family. Herkimer? A-bay? Something more local? If not I am off to my Close to my Heart Team meeting. My family's stay in bed and DO NOTHING all day. So I had the fortune of spending the day with several of the lovely ladies from my Close to My Heart team Hearts a Flutter. (my semi colon key has disappeared...just gone! oddly, I never realized how much I used it until it went missing.)
 Sandy (the leader and reason why all of us are together), Lara, and Judi
Donna, Kate, Tami, Lara (again) and Amanda.
The team meetings are an opportunity to work on our business's and build together as a team. Since I have been slacking on  the business aspect, I come to enjoy the people, make some new projects and keep reminding myself that yes I could make this business be a success...for now and as it has been for awhile, it has been my addiction rather then my means of employment.
Making cards. 

( Ryan pictured here, she missed the earlier poses)
 Making a calendar. very cute! Ryan's presentation.
We have a delicious LUNCH.
Celebrated two birthdays (Ryan's and Lara's)
Played with CTMH's new ink pens. LOVELY

The final product...( first picture..I LOVE THESE STAMPS)
How to display the home made jewelry.

and finally how to use the day in a life products.

We make a ton of great things and had a GREAT bunch of FUN!!! In about three weeks I am going to Pennsylvania with several of these lovely ladies for a CTMH show. I am psyched.
The best thing about being a Close to My Heart Consultant are the fun and creative stuff I get to make, but it's the friends I have made and will have forever that trumps it all. I LOVE this part of my LIFE.