Thursday, July 10, 2014

Enjoying friends

Saturday we did end up having a few friends join us for a backyard BBQ.

 Renee, David and their youngest son Adam,

 Carmen, Luke and Maddy also made an appearance.

 We enjoyed each others company as well as had some BBQ while the kids went swimming.

I have known David and Carmen since I was about 4 years old. We grew up together in the same neighborhood on the same streets. I might have said this in a previous post, but David and Renee live three houses down from us now.

 Carmen and his wife Mindy live in the same town, but a ways off. I love that we are all so close.
Monday is David's Birthday so we did a little celebration in his honor. Happy Birthday old man. Wait a minute he is the same age as me. Guess that makes me an old Woman.

 After the backyard fun, Carmen took his son Luke and Gavin to see the movie Transformers. Mark and I actually had some alone time. He even drank a few beers. He almost never drinks.
Sunday we got our new washing machine. No more laundry mat for now anyways, and I made a break away to church with Tammy. The kids and I spent the morning in the pool and Jen (my neighbor) came over with her girls. We went swimming and then she made homemade fruit slushies in a cone. I watched an incredibly stupid movie I had got as my FREE rental for the boys rented game. Afternoon Delight was the name, and enjoyed a lazy evening.
Monday I was off to my volunteer job at Vera House.
Monday evening we all met up at Smokey Bones for a joint Birthday Celebration. My Fathers birthday is July 11th and my daughters is July 12th. I cannot believe I forgot my camera. I did get some cell phone shots. They did not turn out very good.

The food was YUMMY!!! Happy Birthday Lexi and Dad!!!
Mark did not make it, but I got him a brisket to go.
Tuesday I thought I was scheduled to work, and I even went in to work at 7AM. Nope I was told that the person I was to cover never heard back from me and he didn't have to attend some conference anyways...WHAT EVER!!! I have nothing else scheduled at the time of this writing and I will not be working with them again unless I have to put in some hours to get my vacation time. I started reading Mr. Mercedes by Steven King instead...and we had some CRAZY ass storm. I understand we even had a tornado touch down.
Gavin had invited over his friend Seth, and the boys were swimming as I was reading. Suddenly it started pouring rain. Initially they kept swimming. I was under the awning so I was fine with it, then it was a big crash of THUNDER!!! Out you go! Inside here we come.
Several people loss power, trees were down, one of the few drive in theaters in the area collapsed and four people east of us outside Morrisville were killed. So sad.
For the exception of the rain and winds, I would have known none the wiser. Our area was spared. You just never know when it comes to the weather.
Wednesday I went to an all day training on Bupreorphine treatment. I am fairly fluent on the subject, but I learned quite a bit.The building hosting the conference had limited power due to the storm. We had to use lights attached to extension cords and after lunch we had NO power. It made for an interesting training.
 John Reddy was the instructor he was also the instructor at the Supervisor training. I was able to speak with him a bit about my intention for teaching. He is one of the state approval people. Sometimes having a name could make all the difference. I simply have to submit my curriculum. I have to totally get off my ass and do it. Evidence Based practice and the new DSM. Those are my current plans of presentation.  I also met a women who just recently finished up her schooling for the LMHC/. She discussed taking the SU courses and dealing with the younger people. Every time I get around people who have or are working on the license I think I really need to get ON THAT!!!
Anyways...we were all planning a MOMS and KIDS camping vacation. I think I may have mentioned this a few posts ago, but if I hadn't I will simply say...five moms and eleven kids were going camping on this date. However today, as I type there are only TWO MOMS and FOUR KIDS going on this camping trip.
 I will spare my bitch session with you and only mom's father in law passed away, one mom's mother went into the hospital, and one mom's child did not want to go. Can you guess which MOM I am irritated with.
 Still a little upset that we are not all doing this and not quite sure what I will do with the 30+ hot dogs and frozen buns I have ready for this trip, but ready to make the best of it. The boys and I are about to head out for some camping fun in a few hours. I am honestly excited. So on that note. Let me say...see you after we get back from CAMPING!!! TTFN