Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Its a Massage!

Good morning. My site is acting squirrely today and I am not sure what is up. It keeps saying I have an error. So I am partially practicing, and partially blogging about my adventures yesterday. Ok...better....
Anyhoot, last February my neighbor and friend Jenny purchased me a massage package.

 I was thrilled. Yesterday we finally took advantage of it and had massage appointments.

Jenny is a member of the Pacific Health club (much more then the YMCA that we belong to) and when you get your massage you have full access to the Health Club and spa for the day. Original plan was to massage, yoga (hot) and swimming, which included the hot tub.
The massage was wonderful.Can you really say anything negative about getting your body rubbed by someone who is trained to make you feel good? NO!! I was so relaxed and it felt wonderful.
 Gennette was my masseuse. She is my age and very friendly. We talked about some interesting things including Riki, and other eastern forms of body healing. She informed me that there is a "Riki share" held every Friday and Saturday in the village of Liverpool. You don't have to know Riki to attend. I thought it might be interesting to check it out. We shall see....I wanted to go to free Monday meditation last week too, but I never seem to get myself to these things. Free yoga at the health club too. I never make it.
I was late for the yoga...bummer, and Jenny's daycare was calling regarding her daughters, since she was still finishing up her own massage. I went to get them.
The rest of the morning and now going into the afternoon, (I got home at nearly 1pm., sorry Gavin hope me getting Micky D'd for a late lunch makes up for it) was spent at the club pool.

(Jenny's twin girls Emme and Jessica playing in the kiddie pool at the club)

I had a nice discussion with a man while soothing in the hot tub. We discussed the benefits of swimming on the body. He has several herniated disks and I struggle with back issues myself, his recommendation was swim laps and pace yourself. No more pain per his report. I do enjoy the pool so much! We planned to return for hot yoga later, but things came up.
Instead...Gavin and I rented and watched Rio2.

 Like most animated kid movies....whats not to love!
This morning I did some grocery shopping, went to the library and picked up around the house. I have continued to meet with about one book a week for the summer reading program. You can claim prizes each week, but I feel foolish picking up stupid little treats, I  am not a little kid. In years past I would do it, but Gavin was the recipient of my prize.

The books I have read so far include.

This week I have taken on another Stephen King novel Doctor Sleep. Some of these novels are pretty thick! but I am making my way through.