Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sharkey's date night in Liverpool, NY

I insisted on a date night and inquired about a  FREE town of Clay concert on the park lawn last Tuesday night.
I was shot down....... BUT instead I was taken to Shakey's on Thursday night to listen to Anthrax lead singer Joey Belladonna play 80's music for nearly three hours as I sipped on ice cold beers and had a wonderful dinner.
Sharkey's ROCKED over my date night idea.

Although Sharkey's is just down the road from our house, I had never been. They offer several fun activities through out the summer such as volleyball and other sports activities, trivia night, food, and of course music. Here is their website.

We arrived just before the band started had dinner and 2 for 1 beverages. After a nice meal, which was actually pretty good, we headed outside to listen to the music of Joey Belladonna from Anthrax. (Although it is a bar you can bring the family and they do offer a dining room.) I was never an Anthrax fan,and if Mark hadn't said anything about the music I would have never known.

(this is Joey Belladonna)
The music was all 80's and not once did he play Anthrax to my awareness, but the band played Rush, Journey, Led Zepplin, and two of my favorite bands..Pink Floyd and Triumph. I felt just like I was 16 all over again.

Mark and his classic Motley Crew T-shirt. This guitarist was amazing by the way.
The crowd was an interesting mix of young kids (kids to me) playing on the several volleyball teams scattered about the bar yard, to a large percentage of people my age...and just a few like this fun old man who when he out down his cane could sure dance like the best of them.

I really had a great time.
It was nice to let loose and enjoy the music. I always have a good time when there is a band playing. We had so much fun we might go again next week.

Highly recommended good old fun.