Thursday, July 24, 2014

Sometimes, just moving forwards is trip enough.

Not much tripping happening around here. Money/timing and poor planning has been a big factor in getting us coordinated for a trip this summer, and I am still not sure there will be any big ones for summer 2014. Initially we were planning a trip to Massachusetts and New Jersey, as well as making a few trips to Lake George in NY as we usually do each summer. Plans have simply not allowed room for this, and as summer tics away, (I already started buying school supplies at those unbeatable prices) I am not sure when or if we will be seeing our usual big summer trip this year at all. Small trips continue, and I have kept myself busy. I have come to some realization that as much as I would like my life to be a 24 hour on the move trip taking. Sometimes, just moving forwards is trip enough. We have had a busy summer. Has it been to the beaches?, the amusement parks?, National forests? NO! Have we made it to a historical landmark or had pictures by statues and monuments? NO! and maybe just maybe that isn't going to happen for us this year. I may have to be satisfied with the everydays and that isn't so bad, this is what my everydays are looking like lately......
Friday evening was a trip to Sandy's for monthly Close to My Heart Consultant Club. I LOVE her projects and she is an amazing upline, plus it is always fun to be with these women. Here are some of the great projects we made. ( These are made from the new scaredy cat paperpack)

and of course the lovely women...

The rest of the weekend was spent cleaning, reading, swimming. We were all a bunch of slugs around here.
Monday I was at Vera House volunteering in the morning.  Gavin cashed in his FREE student VIP tickets at Antonio's Pizza place for a late lunch.  Two slices of cheese pizza and two medium soda's for FREE. Gotta love that.
 Not enjoying mom's picture taking.

The plan was to have lunch then hit up a local mini golf place, but it was so hot we hit the pool instead. Gavin and I spent the entire afternoon in the pool.
Tuesday I dragged the kid to Destiny Mall at 930 in the morning to catch the Regal Summer movie. The price is a dollar. (I remember when they were FREE) for a children's movie.

I think he enjoyed The Lego Movie, even though he has seen it before, however I do realize that he is getting to old for these mommy and me dates to things like this.

My attempt at a selfie with my big Nikon camera.

Didn't turn out to good, and Gavin was mortified at my effort.
Despite my selfie it turned out to be a pretty profitable day for $5-. We caught a movie, got some popcorn, free admission tickets for kids to Wonderworks, and Lazer Tag...and I picked up Free tickets to Funny Bone for next Thursday evening's improv show.

Wednesday I was off early running around. First stop was the library. Each week I take my list of books to read and search the data base for their availability. I was disappointed that I could find NONE of my desired books. (not that I don't have things to read at home..because I have TONS). I asked the librarian and guess what she was able to locate one of the books and another on tape. I brought home Wild.

I still have to finish Doctor Sleep, and I have my Orange is the New Black to read as well. Guess I will be busy with books.
After the library I was off to the farmers market. Lots of fruits and veggies. I also ran into Debbie, an old co-worker and did some catching up.

Its always nice to run into old friends.  I picked up some potatoes, cukes and lettuce. I found some grapes and strawberries at the local Top's that were so GOOD too.
A few more stops and I finally got home to find that EVERYTHING CHECKED OUT with my personal references and as long as my Criminal history is cleared I have a NEW JOB!!!! WOW!!!! Just like that. I may be back to work soon. Lots to think about. It may be awhile before we are seeing any real trips anytime soon, but I MAY BE BACK TO WORK!!!!!! I still am dreaming of my trip days, and know that they wont stop simply because I am off to work M-F but I do realize that my focus will be shifting. I will keep making steps towards my ultimate dream of traveling the USA even if it is one week at a time for now. I have big plans for myself, but right now I have to keep my feet planted right here in my own back yard. I can make trips out of my every days afterall. I'm not writing off my travel dreams....I am just not allowing the dream to get in the way of my NOWs!