Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Canine Carnival, Jamesville NY

Saturday the family and I plus two pups made our way to the Canine Carnival.

We found this annual event last year and had a great time. Basically the carnival  is everything to do with DOGS...(but they do have a few additional animals), with some fund raising and doggy rescues that are going on through out the event. Imagine a Farmer's market for you dog.

 I asked for a picture of this little guy. He looks bigger in the picture, but he was so tiny tiny I didn't even know she was holding him at first.
Gavin plays a game of lawn darts in the above picture.

Many of the local animal hospitals provide FREEBEE'S, animal care demonstrations, and encourage you to bring your pet to their office. We scored a Frisbee, multiple dog treats, a doggy medical binder, and a water bottle.
We made our way around the several scattered tents exploring the homemade doggy treats, specialized doggy day cares, cute I love my snicker-doodle T-Shirts and additional I LOVE MY DOG decals, before we found a women who asked if we would like to try Riley at dog sled pulling.

She explained that Husky's by nature need to pull which we were acutely aware of ( we do realize that Husky's are used to pull the sleds in racing and in the snow),  but we do NOT live in Alaska, nor do we have the skills or desire to have our dog pull a sled....despite this fact as the women explained regarding her 5 Huskies and 5 Malamutes, (THAT IS A LOT OF DOGS) they still need to expend this pulling energy.  Which I totally get, because Riley can DRIVE US NUTZ somethings...
At any rate, she hooks him up to the harness and lets him pull. He did great.

I personally avoid walking Riley if I can, simply because he pulls me so much it hurts my body. With the harness and sled he did great. (He had already tired out a little by walking around the carnival, but still he did a wonderful job).
After his pull, we was awarded with a pretty red bandanna.
We did a little more exploring before we decided that it was simply just to HOT and way to CROWDED and headed out.
Last year the event was held at Long Branch park where there are tree's and several shady spots, this year the event was held at Jamesville Beach park and the area that the event was held had NO tree's. It made it tough not only on us humans, but on the dogs too. Just a suggestion..Canine Carnival planners go back to Long Branch....
Mark had hoped to explore a little more on Boarders for when we go away, and even after a walk under the sprinklers the boys were still to hot. I might have stayed a little longer myself, especially since I spied some Wine Slushies being sold around they way...but we were nearing the exit, so we just kept moving out the door. It was a great time for the dogs to get out. Peanut who I apparently did not get any pictures of, enjoyed smelling every trash can, sign, bench, tent pole and post along the walk, seemed to enjoy himself, and Riley actually sat on the car ride home, so I am assuming he got his full of the event as well. Great fun! Good Times, I just wish we were not STUCK OUT IN THE HOT HOT SUN!