Wednesday, September 17, 2014

First Week in September 2014

Monday we headed back to CNY and stopped at The Turning Stone Casino for lunch as well as cash in on or Freeplay.(freeplay is the casino's way of getting you to come and play. They used to give out vouchers, but now it's on your card and once you put in some of your money it is activated.(You could put in a penny if you wanted) once you start playing/winning the free play money is used while the money you actually win...becomes your own personal cash!!!
 Mark had much more money on his card then I did. I only had $20- he had $75 plus the $10- bonus. I left the slots $16- richer, he left with nada....nothing ZIP!!! Is there something to be learned about this????

The boys (not 18 yet) found a nice corner to plug in their games and waited patiently while we gambled and after we ate from the Harvest Buffet....(Talk about Bust a Gut).
Feeling particularity lucky and since I still had money left over from the vacation funds. I purchased tickets to Scare-a-Con...this year Mark and Ben and joining us.
Tues, Wed., Thurs, and Friday I made sure I got my butt in our POOL. August was so rainy and wet, I was beginning to feel our pool was NOT getting the summer LOVE it so deserved so I made a point to get in EVERYDAY...Friday was a blister of a heatwave...(in the mid-90's) I was so grateful that we had not closed for the season.
Thursday, Gavin made it to day one of 6th grade and Friday I scooted off to the AOD meeting at Vera House.
I have decied to stay on this committee, as long as it does not get in works way....
Friday was also the Mom's back to school brunch and toast. I met up with Mary, Mindy and Cricket at Tully's for lunch and a cheers to the kids back in school!!!! (this has become a yearly tradition).

 I toasted with a pretty blue raspberry Lemonade.

Friday evening I was in my jammies by 630pm (I spent the afternoon in the pool reading, I am reading "Heaven is For Real") when Carol's boys called to ask if we wanted to go to the Baseball game. I really really really didn't, and the game started at 7pm,..... but after some GUILT from Mark and Gavin I was dressed (not exactly ready for public, but at least dressed) and we were off.
I admittedly am so glad I went. We had a GREAT time.

It was the first time the Syracuse Sky Chief's were in the playoff in over 16 years and crowds were out of control. It was an evening of everything baseball should be about....FUN, CROWD SUPPORT and TEAM MORAL....we even got a wave going.
 I told you the crowd was out of control....just look at Carol with the glow sticks..

Near the 8th inning security came to escort a very enthusiastic fan out. The crowd went NUTS on the security and they let him stay. He was so much entertainment, We lost sight of the game. I thought I got a shot of him dancing...but I missed it.
When we arrived we were winning...unfortunately we lost by was so much fun we didn't boohoo to long and there were fireworks for us fans anyways...

It was such a fun night. We had a great season and actually the first game I have been to in years where I had so much fun. Cannot wait till next season. Now to face my last weekend unemployed...I cannot wait for work to begin.