Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Thriving 30, a weekend in King of Prussia, PA

I LOVE being a part of Close to My Heart and my TEAM rocks. This past weekend our team, was invited to participate in an event featuring CTMH and 48 hours of scrapping.
I have been asked not to show art work that was presented at the presentation at this time, and once the press release has been notified I will post on my wendyscreativeconnection.blogspot when that is cleared. BUTTTTT... I did want to share some of the fun we all had while we were in PA.

I drove and roomed with these three lovely women. Sandy, Lara, Kate and that's me on the end.
Kate drove and we all met at her house where Sandy spent a little hopping time before we left.

Keeping the child in all of us. go Sandy go!
We got to the hotel in about four hours, did a check in and made our way to the room where we would be scrappin all weekend. We each got a cookie at check in....YUM and Kate made us roomie gifts.

 Once in the scraping room we found Judy (below with Lara) and
 Lynne (with Kate)
 Soon it was time for dinner that our Hearts a Flutter up line and reason why we were having this celebration Linda was hosting for us. It was a BBQ dinner and yummy!
Tami and Phyllis.
Many of the Hearts a Flutter team members share in a group photo.

 Lynnem Kate, Lara, Sandy and new friends Carmen and Barbra.

 Kates looking happy!

After dinner we went back to the room for a few cocktails, and to prep for the evening events.

 More friends...Judy, Anita and Ryan
Once we were back in the conference room we got to start working on our supplies, There were some great projects and soon the planned event began.

 Sandy poses with CTMH representative and the evenings presenter Monica.
 Lynne- These two ladies left and headed back to NY after the presentation....WOW!!!

Linda the one who stated it all!
We shared awards, gave cheers and learned new things about the current CTMH products. We had some hands on fun and got some new supplies. My new favorites are the Picture My Life program.
There are so many things we can do with the kits and I cannot wait to do a project with my friends at home.

 Our team pictures....Here is EVERYONE that was at the conference.

I got to meet so many new people and had some GREAT fun.

It was a marvelous evening and the weekend had just started.
The following day was more scrapbooking, I tried to visit with every woman there and I think I made it. Sorry I cannot remember everyone's names, but I might recall your story. Linda will have to sort it all out. I plan on sending her a copy of the pictures.
 Anita...(She let me scrap lift this idea too)
 Barbara...( I think)
 Brenda and Kathy
 Karen ( She is Sandy's up-line making her my up up line...LOL)

 Babbette, I cannot remember even with the name tag, and Judy
 These two ladies names WILL come to me.....both were super sweet!




After all that scrappin we were HUNGRY....

We went out to the King of Prussia Mall for a late lunch.
It was crazy and we all got in Anita's car.
with cheesecake on our minds.,

trying tea!!!
art in the mall...which actually I was informed we never made it into the mall itself we were only in the court...
Late LUNCH....yum

Judy's desert....
After lunch we made a break to the Container store. YEP it is a store that sell's everything containers...
 Doesn't EVERYONE need a toothpick and q-tip container???

These ladies were OUT OF CONTROL and could NOT CONTAIN themselves..
Back at the hotel for an afternoon of fun.

The rest of the day was spent crafting and enjoying each others company. I got a few pictures of Amy's team after their seafood lunch out and took ton's of art work pictures,,,which I will spare you of.

 The four of us,,,,
 This giant vacuum cleaner at the store across from the hotel.
 Lunch before we hit the road to NY
 Back in NY!!!!

We had the best time...I am not sure when I will see these ladies again, but I can report I made some new friendships, have a TON of great new ideas and cannot wait until our next big adventure!!!!