Sunday, October 19, 2014


Great Escape Amusement Park
Queensbury, NY
October 12th 2014
Creepy Twins preform at Great Escape

We spent the long Holiday weekend in Lake George NY. Mark's mother is planning on moving to our area of the world and my step son Ben is moving to Florida with his mother in November. This trip to Lake George is bittersweet as we enjoy the fun we have always had in this part of the Adirondacks with the hush of reality that we will may never have these moments again. Trips to Lake George, my husbands hometown, were simply a given....and trips ANYWHERE with Ben were an ALWAYS!!! We never thought we would be counting down the days of having him here with us to enjoy in our weekend adventures or our family get-away's. As the days get closer the pain runs deeper. These last few weeks we have will be a treasured memory.

We have been coming here for so many years and I have several posts in this blog about our time at Fright Fest, I will not give a play by play of the amusing action, so here it goes.
Like the years in the past there are always several haunting and frightful decorations throughout the park. This guy was perhaps one of the creepiest.
The boys first ride of the day was at the boomerang. I was a little surprised since it was only this year that they dared the ride for the first time we just had a BIG lunch!
There they gooooooo!!!
A burial of all the past rides.
A few cute signs....

Some more creepys...

Some deceased splash park players.
and the Aliens....

Ghost Town...
The boys took some time to do the bumper cars..

 and I played dead..
 as did the boys.

 We discover a coupon after trick or treat village for $10 unlimited go carts, so the boys took total advantage.
They road for nearly two hours.
 Soon it was time to invite out the creatures of the night....

 He had to be one  of the CREEPIEST...

Then we enjoyed the show...
This year was a little different from the last few years, This year instead of dancing Zombies, they had these dead dancers.

They danced for for a bit and put on a nice show.

Their was one more show of the day but we were all feeling like we had had enough.
 The boys spent some time playing in the "fog" before we left.

Our one last trip to Fright Fest.....was as always well received.
I did a little photo search and came up with some of last few years we went to Fright Fest....
our first year was 2009 and all of us went.
 I think it was the best year we had there. First time usually are arn't they? Plus we had all of the kids. The year that we did this fright fest was when Great Escape was still a part of six flags, and even Mr. Six danced in a dead mans clothing.

 The boys were so SMALL....back then it took my little six year old to warm up to these Zombies,,,,
 Alexis and Nick were both asked to join the dancer up on the stage and do the Rocky Horror picture Show Time Warp dance.

Then 2011- No longer under Six Flag's.

 Characters were more woodland creatures.
last year...2013 No Six Flag's, and no more woodland creatures. Big Zombie theme however.

So here is our Fright Fest Time Machine. From 2009-2014 We will surly miss the next several years, but perhaps we will spend one October at the biggest Halloween Amusement park ever....Do I see a fright Fest at Disney World in our future? TTFN