Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Canandaigua Wine Walk

Canadaguia, NY
Wine Walk
September 4, 2014

On Saturday I went with my meet up friends to Canadaguia for the wine walk. It was about an hour drive from were we all started and it was RAINING when we left, but the clouds opened up just for a bit while we walked the streets of Canandaigua.
For a small fee we all got our souvenir wine glasses and our trip tick to wine and food tasting.

All of the places offering wine tasting or foods to taste too.
First Stop was Simple Crepes, it was also where we ended our walk that evening for dinner. The winery featured was 1911 Spirits which is located in LaFayette, NY at Beak n Skiff. I have had their apple wine tastes before and loved them. I drove on this trip so my tastes were limited!!!

The stroll along the streets kept us entertained with things to look at and PLAY with.
Scott and the Black Sheep!
Second stop...although it was third on our list if we were following a list...was Adorn. It would have been third if the VFW winery happened to be there, which it wasn't and apparently it never did show up.
Getting a taste at Adorn and browsing the jewelry.
I contemplated purchasing a tierra...justfor the day but at the price of anywhere from 20+ dollars. If there were a few plastic ones available all of us ladies would have been jeweled up for the event.
Purple balloons indicated a wine tasting ...
Red balloons are food tasting...
In the Olde Homestead Country Store we were fed some seafood stew (which I passed on) and some other food I dipped in crackers.
I loved this Halloween themed witches hat.
More balloons that the Coach St. Clay. Ravines wine cellar wines. I tried one sip and dumped the rest. Sorry...I was not a fan of this wine at all.

We just get a glimpse of those clear blue skies......

Carol has a little fun dancing to the music in the city center...
Blue Balloons???? Not part of the walk, but they had wine and food. We hit the jackpot with this hidden stop not on the tour....Beautiful paintings and we all got our fill of wine and crackers.
The artist daughter said..."Help yourselves" so we did!!!
a toast on the street! (Yes we are breaking the LAW!!!! Do not do as we do!!!)
I didn't try the wines in this shop, but I did try some tea and I simply LOVED the hot cinnamon, in retrospect I should have bought some to take home.
At the finger lakes Gallery,...(I couldn't afford ANYTHING in this store sale or not) there was cheese tasting from Wegmans. I am such a fuddy duddy....the cheese's even had me wrinking my nose. I'll stick with some good old America. Something about 18 month old cheese doesn't seem right.

Cheese tasting...
Right next door, we hit up the candy store and there were samples of fudge, chocolate truffles and out of the world with YUM....chocolate covered strawberries.
Tina and Carol enjoying their strawberries....
The music store had some amazing uses of old instruments as well as some odd uses of things to make musical instruments. Pictured below, that is a real cigar box.
Next stop is The Saltydog. More wine served. I had stopped after someone had filled my cup at the painting studio several stops back.

Some pretty coral.
and these guys are totally fun.
We made two more stops Frozen Yogurt and American Made both offered food tasting. I did not like the BBQ, corn and mashed potatoes with horsey sauce at the Yogurt place, but the corn chowder at American Made was to die for. At last we made it to our starting destination Simply Crepes and we made it just in time for our dinner reservations...
Nearly everything on the menu is in a crepe and it was so incredibly good I would go again and again and again. This was Kim's...
Tina had soup and salad.
and mine was buffalo chicken...It was soooooooooooooooooo gooood!!!
but the Very best part was the FREE (part of the wine walk and dinner purchase)  desert!!!! I had carmel apple crepes paired with vanilla ice cream. It was AMAZING!!!
Here we all are making funny faces and just about to dig into our deserts!!!
What an amazing day. I am so glad I went. This meet up group has been so welcoming and so far I have experienced nothing but good people and great times. I am not sure when my next adventure with these wonderful people will be, but I am sure it will be a fun time! TTFN