Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Movie Date to take our minds off trying times....

Great Northern Mall
Clay, NY
October 5th 2014

Mark and I have not had a date is several weeks. He has had a-lot weighing on him, and we are all feeling at a loss as we have officially found out that Ben will be moving with his mother to Florida next month.
I cannot begin to express how this will impact our entire family.Juggling children after a divorce is difficult enough, but when the child moves several hundreds of miles away it becomes like a part of our heart is ripping.
Gavin was devastated when we told him, but Mark has been.. in denial, but lately  he has become detached and withdrawn. He had shown some interest in the new movie with Denzel Washington, The Equalizer so on Sunday I surprised him with a movie date.

I know that a really great movie (even with Denzel Washington) can never replace the change that our family will face in November, but it does take the mind away for those few hours as we watch the drama that unfolds on the screen. I'm sure that this upset of the family will continue to impact us and how our life proceeds in the future, but we will move on and stay hopeful. After all Florida is a GREAT place to travel to!