Monday, October 6, 2014

Sky Zone, Five Guys and some HORROR!!!!

Sky Zone
Dewitt, NY
Sept. 21st 2014 

Sunday morning the boys, Mark and I headed to Dewitt to this new fun place called Sky Zone. The boys had seen video's of it on youtube and couldn't wait to get their bounce on.
First step is to choose your bouncing package. They have several choices. Our guys did the 90 minute bounce. I didn't pay, Mark did but I think it cost about $17- per child and an additional $5- for the ORANGE bouncing socks. (Yep it is pricey). I recommend that if you go you pre-register online. This will make the process go much quicker, We had completed this before we arrived.

 Getting ready and soon read the RULES. The rules are IMPORTANT!!!! You must follow them.
 Fashionable..Orange socks!!!

Slam Dunk!!!
Up Next ....Dodge Ball!!!

Then some Flips into the soft stuff!!!

Finally we made it to the Bounce walls. The boys were BEAT tired from all that bouncing. It seemed like a lot of work.

They could sure get some height!!! There are team dodge ball leagues and special family bounce nights as well as Birthday Party packages, and the Birthday Parties were starting to fill the building. The boys were starting to wind down and their 90 minute pass was taking it's toll. We could have easily purchased a 30 or 60 minute and they would have still enjoyed it just the same. I guess I didn't realize just HOW much work it is to Jump like they did!
 All that jumpin made for some HUNGRY fella's so we had lunch right next door at Five Guys Burgers and Fries.
FREE peanuts while you wait for your Burgers. If you are unfamiliar with Five Guys...their BURGERS ARE SOOOOO YUMMY, but that, hot dogs and French Fries are just about the ONLY thing on the menu. If your looking for some low fat veggie food your in the wrong place.
and just look at those fries....they give you so many order was enough for all of us.
 YUMMMMMMMMYYYYYY!!!! They don't look like much but this mushroom, cheese, lettuce, mayo, and pickle burger was to DIE for!!! You can add any topping for NO extra Charge.
After a NO Calorie lunch (Yeah right...) we took a look at Spirits the Halloween shop just a short walk along the same strip mall. In search of the best Halloween Costumes...

I'm not sure what is up with all these scary little girls....but these haunted decorations had me FREAKED! Even when I knew they were about to pop up or move heart would skip a beat when they did. This is NOT your average spooky white sheet ghost decorations.

The boys had fun exploring ideas. Ben almost NEVER dresses up but tired a horse head. Gavin was in search of a Panda Bear costume. We were out of luck with that one here.
How about these guys????
I already have my costume at home..I ordered an Orange Jump-suite, I am going to be one of the girls from Orange is the New Black. I guess I will have to be Piper.

Mark is thinking Walter White or Heisenberg from Breaking Bad...

I guess we  will it all falls together this year. TTFN