Wednesday, October 15, 2014

SU Football

Syracuse University Dome
Syracuse, NY
October  3, 2014
Last Thursday an email popped up on my computer screen. Anyone for SU tickets? I JUMPED on it. and since my neighbor Emanuel was the ticket holder I sent an email back ...I WANT FOUR and yelled over the cubicle divider....YES!!! I Want Tickets....
By Friday evening I had the family PUMPED for some FOOTBALL!!!
We were and the tickets were FREE!!! I love FREE and I love getting to the games....even though SU is NOT doing well This game was NO different. They lost to Louisville, 28 to 6. 

Every chance they had to score was somehow messed up. Inches away from a touchdown and we ran out of time. It was SOOOO disappointing. I am beginning to think our family will NEVER see a winning team ever!

Otto came out on the back of a motor cycle.
and here comes the TEAM!!!

Lots of orange in the crowd.

 Half time cheers!

I have to say there was a different feel for the crowd on a Friday night early in the season, then the previous afternoon games later in the season that I have seen. There was much more ENERGY!!!
When the crowd would make NOISE it felt like the place was going to take flight. I can't even begin to explain the audio sensation.

What a nice way to spend a Friday evening with the family, even if SU lost...again. With Ben moving away we have been enjoying every moment we can with him and watching an SU game is one thing we know he will miss in sunny Florida. Our next family adventure will be in Lake George for perhaps our last family trip to this area of the world. Mark's mother is moving as well, and we will no longer have a need to go to Lake George to visit her. So many changes happening it is hard to keep up. Until next time TTFN!