Sunday, November 30, 2014

Lights on the Lake Doggy Walk

Onondaga Lake Park
Liverpool, NY
November 13th 2014

The lights on Onondaga Lake Park has been an annual tradition in our home. I have usually found a way to go for FREE with tickets from work, but this year I wasn't offered any tickets. I did find a way to go for FREE though. I went during the first two days the lights on lake were open. One night is for walkers, and one night is for DOG walkers. These NON-drive through options are FREE of charge, but they do ask for a donation. The night for dogs goes to some area animal shelter.

The plan was to meet up with members of the Syracuse Happy Hour group, but I was not nearly ready to meet at the 5:30 meet up time. Instead I went with Tammy, her daughter Allie,...and two little pups!!! I left Riley at home because he is so difficult to walk and I know he would have been outta control at this event.

The three plus mile of roadway is covered with beautiful holiday lights. No....I did not walk the 3 miles and noone in my party including the dogs had any interest in walking the whole distance. It is a long way down and even longer way back. So we walked about a 1/2 mile maybe a little more and turned back around. Not only was it a long walk but it was COLD!!! Even with their little coats the dogs were FREEZING!! We were COLD too!!! I do not like winter in upstate NY and it is only November.
After the walk we indulged in coffee at one of the village coffee shops....

I am so not a coffee SNOB...Give me a cup of mud forget these latte's mocha's,  and espressos... with the really big PRICE time I will treat myself to a D&D. TTFN