Sunday, December 7, 2014

"Crusin" at the Turning Stone

Turning Stone Resort and Casino
Verona, NY
November 16th

Mark was sent an invitation to a FREE Caribbean buffet and drinks at the Turning Stone Casino and a FREE Cruise. We decided to make a date out of it and did a few hours of gambling before enjoying our free meal.
Looks pretty good doesn't it? It was actually very yummy and we even had ourselves a mid-day alcoholic beverage.
I suppose being a VIP at a casino is telling, but I have enjoyed reeking the benefits. We also have been invited to take a FREE Norwegian cruise, I think there is 12-13 packages to choose from, but we still have to pay for the travel to get to the port, port fees, taxes and extra's so we are looking at the cheapest. Currently the plan is to leave out of NYC and take the 7 day Bahama cruise.

I am extremely excited,...I have never been on a cruise. (The pictures were from my phone and not to great!)
Mark and I do not know all of the details as of yet, but I cannot wait!