Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Spirit of Women; Italy

Drumlins Country Club
Dewitt, NY
January 21, 2015

I am forever finding these FREE events that offer medical and healthy lifestyles for women. I attended Healthy Heart for Women twice now, and the Spirit of Women, offered through Crouse Hospital (I was once an employee of) has these also FREE events called Passport to Health. I missed the first event but Tammy, Mary and I made it to France and Menopause and Wednesday evening Mary and I went to Italy and learned about Strokes..

Here are some shots from the photo booth,
We always have a good time. The topic was interesting, the Dr, and additional presenters were wonderful. Sometimes I really DONT what to know everything that COULD go wrong in my body, but it is nice to be aware. I am grateful that for the most part I do have my health. Once the presenters were done they offer prizes. Mary and I crossed our fingers, but not luck. Next time maybe.
Next month is the end of this Passport series and if you attend three events you are entered into a big contest that includes a TRIP!!!!
Till next time!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Onedia Shores-January Folksmarch

Oneida Shores
Brewerton, NY
January 17, 2015

I actually made it to another Folksmarch. Tammy, Mary and I were committed to these for quite some time, but life got in the way. Now that I have been active at the gym the potential for lower back pain when I walk is less of an issue and I am actually excited to walk again. I just wasn't prepared for the 4 degree weather and wind.

 Mary and I went Yesterday and despite the FRIGGED  temperatures we walked the entire 5k.

Mary with all the warm gear, especially that hat!

We walked from one end of the park to the other... and back. There were some beautiful snowy sites including the many color blues in the sky.

Are there still hornets in there all winter?

The cold was affecting my camera and it was not taking was almost like it was FROZEN!

When we got back to the lodge we caught the tail end of the Irish Dancers. My camera was still on the fritz and fogged up immediately when we walked in from the cold... this is what I got.
 Still fogged up
 Yeah,,,getting better

After some HOT soup and coffee, we observed the many talents (this was one of the decorative cakes..)

of other folkmarchers and discussed the potential for a trip to Howes Cavern in May. (One of the trips offered with the group.)

I so enjoy these monthly walks with my girlfriends; exercise, friends, entertainment and you get a pin too! On this trip we also got some yummy soup too.

Paint Party

Trappers II
Minoa, NY
Jan 15th 2015

This seems to be the new and trendy thing to do...drink wine and paint art. It sounded and looked like fun, so several of us at work planned (got goupons) for a night filled with Painting and Drinking.
The evening finally arrived and we meet for some pre-art dinner (I had to go low cal-14 pounds down thus far) and since I was driving there had to be NO wine (although I did take Marquita's FREE Blue Moon and it was quite refreshing.)
Chicken Cesar wrap was the lowest cal I found. (Skipped the chips).  The blue Moon special was buy one get one FREE, plus got to paint your FREE Blue Moon glass, Here is Marquita with her glass,

After our meal, we got prepared with  out aprons and canvas.

Melanine, Me, Tracey and Marquita

Now lets start painting....The instructor take everyone though it step by step...first up painting a blue night sky.

I think we've got this. I was feeling quite far!
Next we flip our canvas and add the grass This was when I felt things started to go badly for my art green looked like the color of puke!

The instructor gave directions to make blades of grass....mine were to swirly and eventually they were SO BIG I knew my ART CAREER WAS A WASH!

Here is my final product.
Here is all of our final pictures,,,,

What do you think? Are we ready to quit our day jobs????
All I can say, is it was so much fun!!! Can't wait to do it again!

Big Hero Six

Great Northern Mall
Clay, NY
Jan. 9th 2015

So far this Jan. has been all about resolutions and picking up the pieces. Tree and holiday lights put away, Ben went back home, clean up, changes at work ( I now have a full case load), a bump up in my gym attendance (and church) and yes diet time again. Quite the lull after the FUN FILLED days that were the HOLIDAYS...

We had a low key New Years eve and celebrated Birthdays (Ben's Gavin's and Bubbe's) and our 13th wedding Aniversary at the Turning Stone on New Years Day.
Gavin sailed into his 12th year with a Big Hero 6, birthday.
 Here is his cake.

 Here he is with Tammy's boys playing video games. Below is just before the Big Hero 6 movie was to start.

I stayed away from the cake and the pretzels, but thoroughly enjoyed the movie.

Quick December Update!!!

I am so behind with my post's that I am embarrassed to present what has been happening since my outing to the Wine and Chocolate festival. I am going to quickly recap and get to a more current event.
December was filled with Holiday events;

My work party; and my work team party!

 The whole CM team party and below my smaller team party.

I won tickets to Funny Bone (again) and we had a girls night. Mary, Carol, Tammy and I. 
Then I one tickets (again and again) to Funny Bone and had a date night with the hubby and Tammy and her husband. (I failed to get pictures, but we had a few beers at The World of Beers and I took a picture of that).
Tammy, her daughter Allie and I made it to the December Folksmarch at shopping town mall.

I had my Close to My Heart annual Holiday Party at Chris's house with a good amount of my team...

 The food was delish and the homemade gifts were AMAZING!

Gavin and Mark celebrate Haunaka at Bubbe's new place. I ate the briquette and potato pancakes. 

Christmas at our home with the family.

 Look what I got!!!! Best gift ever...
We had a visit from Ben (first time since his move to Florida)
 Here are my boys and Carol's boys!
Gavin had some fun at the airport....

 It was a busy month full of friends, family and LOTs of FOOD!!! I came into January ready to keep the family and friends but change up the FOOD!!!
I hope that has updated me into 2015- catch me in the next year.