Sunday, January 18, 2015

Big Hero Six

Great Northern Mall
Clay, NY
Jan. 9th 2015

So far this Jan. has been all about resolutions and picking up the pieces. Tree and holiday lights put away, Ben went back home, clean up, changes at work ( I now have a full case load), a bump up in my gym attendance (and church) and yes diet time again. Quite the lull after the FUN FILLED days that were the HOLIDAYS...

We had a low key New Years eve and celebrated Birthdays (Ben's Gavin's and Bubbe's) and our 13th wedding Aniversary at the Turning Stone on New Years Day.
Gavin sailed into his 12th year with a Big Hero 6, birthday.
 Here is his cake.

 Here he is with Tammy's boys playing video games. Below is just before the Big Hero 6 movie was to start.

I stayed away from the cake and the pretzels, but thoroughly enjoyed the movie.