Sunday, January 18, 2015

Onedia Shores-January Folksmarch

Oneida Shores
Brewerton, NY
January 17, 2015

I actually made it to another Folksmarch. Tammy, Mary and I were committed to these for quite some time, but life got in the way. Now that I have been active at the gym the potential for lower back pain when I walk is less of an issue and I am actually excited to walk again. I just wasn't prepared for the 4 degree weather and wind.

 Mary and I went Yesterday and despite the FRIGGED  temperatures we walked the entire 5k.

Mary with all the warm gear, especially that hat!

We walked from one end of the park to the other... and back. There were some beautiful snowy sites including the many color blues in the sky.

Are there still hornets in there all winter?

The cold was affecting my camera and it was not taking was almost like it was FROZEN!

When we got back to the lodge we caught the tail end of the Irish Dancers. My camera was still on the fritz and fogged up immediately when we walked in from the cold... this is what I got.
 Still fogged up
 Yeah,,,getting better

After some HOT soup and coffee, we observed the many talents (this was one of the decorative cakes..)

of other folkmarchers and discussed the potential for a trip to Howes Cavern in May. (One of the trips offered with the group.)

I so enjoy these monthly walks with my girlfriends; exercise, friends, entertainment and you get a pin too! On this trip we also got some yummy soup too.