Sunday, January 18, 2015

Quick December Update!!!

I am so behind with my post's that I am embarrassed to present what has been happening since my outing to the Wine and Chocolate festival. I am going to quickly recap and get to a more current event.
December was filled with Holiday events;

My work party; and my work team party!

 The whole CM team party and below my smaller team party.

I won tickets to Funny Bone (again) and we had a girls night. Mary, Carol, Tammy and I. 
Then I one tickets (again and again) to Funny Bone and had a date night with the hubby and Tammy and her husband. (I failed to get pictures, but we had a few beers at The World of Beers and I took a picture of that).
Tammy, her daughter Allie and I made it to the December Folksmarch at shopping town mall.

I had my Close to My Heart annual Holiday Party at Chris's house with a good amount of my team...

 The food was delish and the homemade gifts were AMAZING!

Gavin and Mark celebrate Haunaka at Bubbe's new place. I ate the briquette and potato pancakes. 

Christmas at our home with the family.

 Look what I got!!!! Best gift ever...
We had a visit from Ben (first time since his move to Florida)
 Here are my boys and Carol's boys!
Gavin had some fun at the airport....

 It was a busy month full of friends, family and LOTs of FOOD!!! I came into January ready to keep the family and friends but change up the FOOD!!!
I hope that has updated me into 2015- catch me in the next year.