Sunday, January 18, 2015

Wine and Chocolate Festival

Wine and Chocolate Festival
NY State Fairgrounds/Horticulture Building
Syracuse, NY
November 29th, 2014

What FUN!!!
All I can say about this 6 hour evening is Oh MY!!!! To be quite honest, I was not at all interested in going to this Festival, but Tammy asked me to join her and I have to say it was much more fun then I had anticipated.

We had so many wine sample's from several of the local wineries. Some were even closer to us then I had known. There is a Lakeland winery which is very close to us and their wine was pretty tasty.

 Tammy double fisted awaiting our samples as I took pictures.

Most wines were delish and they only got better tasting with each sip (imagine that). There were only a very few that I would have passed on.
Tammy and I went into their Photo Booth, sang some Karoke, did some dance dance revolution on the big screen ate some AMAZING cheese and listened to the band.

I bought myself an Alex and Ani bracelet and Tammy got a massage.
We really had a great time!