Saturday, March 14, 2015

Capital F...Food, Funny, Friends, Funny Bone & Francesca's!!!

Working really takes up one's time during the week....which has impacted on both my trip taking and logging about any that I have taken. At any just six days We will embark on a VACATION to sunny/warm FLORIDA!!!With that being said...I have to catch up on everything that I have been up to prior so I can come home and submit the Florida trip. So here I go.....

Destiny Mall
Funny Bone
Feb. 5th 2015

My co-worker Anne-Marie invited me to Funny Bone show. As some of you know, I just love that comedy club and go any time I can......So of course I was ready to go,
The new Margaretteville had opened this week and was bustling with fun! Annemarie and I had a chance to take in some of the decorative fun, but caught a less crowded beverage at the Funny Bone Lounge.

 Me,...looking like an idiot, but an I'm having fun idiot!

A beer at the Funny Bone while we waited for Annemarie's cousin and the start of the show. The feature performer...

I had never heard of him, but most of these comedians I had never heard of.
We were sat fairly close to the stage, and we were seated right next to a few couples who had clearly decided that their Thursday night out was going to be LOUD, FULL OF ALCOHOL & although not on the bill...COMEDIANS themselves. As the announcer offered a few comical lines,..this table laughed and offered their own banter and the comic walked right over it. The first performer.. barely noticed the interjected not so funny lines from this table, the second act...was actually so FUNNY...that I don't think the hecklers had a chance to chirp in though the laughter...I was,  at this point HAVING an enjoyable time....BUT when the featured act Chris Franjola came on and he was unable to just let this table alone.....the whole show fell FLAT!!! I will admit that they were annoying, and a real pain in the ass...I even cheered when that waiter went over to the table and asked them to please just be quiet...BUT the comic's continued comparison to EVERYTHING awful that has every happened to him and this heckling table....made any of his jokes feel so INCREDIBLY UNCOMFORTABLE and AWKWARD. I'm sure this guy is funny, but I laughed more out of a need to cut the TENSION in the air, then because I found it funny!! SOOORRRRYYYY Chris.....I know  it sucks when your audience tries to steal the show, but you should have STOPPED at your first put down about the guy at the table.
 I did however enjoy the evening with Annemarie and the second comic had me nearly peeing myself. (Sorry I don't recall your name, but I loved your set.)

Salina St Syracuse, NY
Feb 6th 2015

 About 100 years ago...okay not really, but quite some time ago I worked with Crouse Hospital. I had formulated several good friendships,....(and met my husband too) while there, but like many of us who move on to other things...we lost contact. When I started working at OCM, I re-connected with Theresa (who no longer works for Crouse, but OCM as well) and she reported that she and a few of our Crouse friends get together once a month for dinner...she invited me to join them. I was thrilled!!!
Our first dinner outing chosen was Francesca's

Here we are (missing was Sandy)..Angie, Me, Nancy and Theresa. Dinner was delish but catching up with these lovely ladies was the BEST part.
 I enjoyed a caramel martini (It was a little too much etho.. even for me, but YUMMY!)
 Angie's meatballs...YUM

and this was my meal....Chicken Parm....IT WAS SOOOOOOOOO GOOD!!!
 Here was thee desert tray. I thought  the lemon mouse was simply ADORABLE!
This was Mark our waiter who endured my slightly CRAZY antics. I put his picture on the Francesco's facebook page. Thanks Mark for the great service and entertainment.

WHAT FUN!!! So grateful for good friends, food and fun!!! Italian this month,....Next dinner plan is Japanese.