Saturday, March 7, 2015

Syracuse Crunch

Onondaga County War Memorial
Syracuse, NY
Jan 30th 2015

My work weeks have been so intense of late, that I have totally just wanted to do a whole lot of NOTHIN on the weekend's but when Mary called and asked if we wanted to go to a CRUNCH game, I was ready for some fun.
The seats were great and FREE! I love that. It is so nice that we have some local teams to support, Of course I would love it even more if it were a NY Rangers game, (my all time favorite team as my all time favorite player played a wing for them back in the 80's....Robert McClanahan. I think I have a post on here somewhere in reference to the heart throbs of my youth, so I will spare you the discussion..) at any rate Hockey player are just CUTE regardless and who doesn't enjoy a little slamming up against the glass and perhaps a few gloves flying off for a short lived fight on the ice?

...let the gloves fly off....

and the helmets we get to see how cute these guys are, (Is it wrong that I could be these guys mom....eweeee!)

It think the Crunch player won this round...
 Here is Mary...Alex was not at all interested in getting a picture. Neither was my so Gavin...
He is giving me the evil eye!
Do you see this guy making his way in the crowd wearing the white, blue and yellow chief jersey? Below is a better picture...Well back in the 70's the movie Slapshop, with Paul Newman was filmed here. 
I guess this guy and his two friends are keeping the film alive. (Okay so Syracuse only has a few famed moments..what can I say.)

Great movie, by the way.
Mary and I purchased plastic pucks to throw on the ice to win a prize. You win if you are the closest puck to the center. We did not win....but we had fun throwing the pucks.

 Speaking of pucks....several got stuck in the netting here and the plexi glass fell out of the track a few times too. Apparently someone has been struck by a puck and they have put up netting and ushers make people wait to walk around if the game is in action. Makes it a slim change that you are gonna catch a puck for a souvenir.

 The Tully's Turtle makes an appearance....
 and the Crunch mascott....I'm not sure what/who he is suppose to be.
It used to be this Ice gorilla or abominable snowman like guy. I don't get why these things change all the time. Just leave the tradition....Gee!
It was a great game! Everyone had fun and The Crunch WON!!!! Great night.