Sunday, April 5, 2015

Nick's Graduation

Onondaga Hill
Feb. 24th 2015

My son completed his welding training and is now a Certified Welder, He also has obtained a well paying position working as a welder, (The reason for his attire....yes I was a little surprised, but he had just come from work,).

I had to do a blog on this simply because I am so proud. He paid for the classes himself, managed to maintain his previous employment and his basic needs on the reduced pay as he lost hours at his Fed X position and diligently pushed through to complete. He also found an amazing new art form he has embraced; sculpture with medal and welded together, He does some pretty cool stuff.
 Above is his frog (he sits on a Lilly pad not shown) and below is his tree.
 It's super cool.
I am so proud of his accomplishments.