Saturday, April 18, 2015

Oswego Alumni at The Crunch and Crafting with the ladies.....

March 6th 2015
Onondaga County War Memorial
Crunch Game: Oswego Alumni
March 7th 2015
Crafting with the Ladies; Kate's house.

I am a graduate of Oswego State University and had signed up as part of the Alumni participants to attend an evening at the Syracuse Crunch. The Alumni had seats together, the mascot came to visit several times during the game, we got small pendants, and were announced during the game. Sounds much more exciting then it was and the Crunch lost.
I know, I sound like a grouch. I did meet up with a co-worker (Nicole)who had also graduated from Oswego so that was nice, but I didn't know any of the other alumni and I guess I had hoped for more considering we came as special guests to the game. Perhaps if I had more allegiance to Oswego I might have more of a lure to be involved with the alumni. I attended Oswego in Grad school. My engagement and school life consisted of 2 classes a week at most skipping the spring semester (I hated the winter commutes and it was so terrifying driving after my first attempt I decided no more classes spring semester.) I really don't consider myself a fellow alumni with that kind of commitment to the school. I don't even think I ever purchased any items labeled Oswego until I picked up a sweatshirt at a garage sale a few years ago for $3-. So my blah attitude about the event may have something to do with this. At any rate,...we did enjoy the hockey game. That is always fun no matter who you are with.
That Saturday I spent some time with the girls at Kate's house crafting.
And...just look at that YUMMY lunch. I just love that I am so blessed to have these amazing wonderful talented fun loving dear friends. The fact that they seem to enjoy me too makes it even better!!!! What a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon...good friends, good food and lots of CRAFTING.