Monday, May 25, 2015

Florida or Bust pt. 4; Downtown Disney & Market Place

Downtown Disney & Market Place
Orlando/Kisseme, Florida
March 22, 2015

Once my friend Tricia arrived at our hotel with her two daughter and her daughter's friend, we discussed plans for the evening. Tricia had never been to Downtown Disney and  Market Place and we always had a good time at this all inclusive ENTERTAINMENT/SHOPPING fantasy Land. We were also looking for dinner and since we are not making it to any of the Disney Parks this was a way to get several needs and wants meet. Dinner, entertainment and a big DOSE of DISNEY!!!

 If you have never been and you are in the area I encourage you to go...perhaps NOT in the middle of March during SPRING break....IT WAS CROWDED SUPER SUPER SUPER crowded..but none the less I would go again. There are so many things going on it's an overdose of senses.
The area is similar to many malls. There is eateries, entertainment venues. like bowling
 shopping like this candy shop, small stages filled with entertainers, and stores to purchase nearly anything you could want. What makes it so AMAZING is this "mall" is done DISNEY style.

I wish I had taken more pictures of the decor while visiting, but there is not one area spared of themed decor. On this visit there were simply to many people (they were also doing some changes with an area which was once filled with night clubs and this area was blocked off with several miles of wall.) to truly appreciate the detail and consideration taken to each and every building, display and placement. I could spend an entire day just in this Disney store (Above) looking at the walls of art and Disney characters that hang above and still not see everything, Disney just has a way of going to the EXTREME.
As expected at a place called Downtown Disney there is a lot that is just DISNEY, but there are also some pretty famous eateries too and we all decided that Planet Hollywood was a great place for dinner. It is also another "well" decorated establishment and had some good eats (plus I had a coupon.)
Headin on the highway...Easy Rider!!! getting a picture in before dinner.
 "here's Johnny".....Jack Nicholson in The Shinning here is the ax.
 Jacks jacket from the Titanic. The girls were so funny, they were excited that Leonardo wore this for the movie.
 pretty GROSS...The Fly

 Ben giving us a realistic idea of just how BIG Shacks feet really are!!!

The Gremlins movie was one of my favorite growing up..Gizmo was so cute. 

 Ready for dinner,
 Stephanie and Tricia.

 After dinner we explored the area. There was musical groups everywhere.

 The kids get up on the ledge to get a good view...
 More musical groups as we walked though the area.
 This looks like it could be a neat eatery....maybe on our next visit,
 The LEGO store.
 We even found Gavin and Stephanie's names.
 Lego Hulk
 The pound puppy princess.
 Prince Charming,

Getting in with the Family.
 Snow White with Doopy.
 Hi Ho, Hi HO!!!

After we had some fun with Lego's we headed to the Disney store and tried on HATS!!!

 Trying on the hats was so much fun...I had Mark pose with Cinderella, after all he is my Prince Charming...
 The girls; Destiny and Marissa pose with Sleeping Beauty.
 More Princess Pictures,.,,,
 Then Marissa got a little silly,.

 We all had so much fun in downtown Disney, It made me wish we were making our way to one of Disney's many parks on this trip too. Mark and I have decided however that we will not be returning to Disney unless it is in California or with grandchildren (Shut your mouth.). On the way out we all admired this bronze woman,, in all the make up and the heat I cannot imagine standing this still for so long,