Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Staff Day: PEEP Competition

Staff Day
At Work
Syracuse NY

At my job, we have a staff day every few months. This is a day of discussion, education, role plays, team building, a full out yummy breakfast and lunch and often FUN! In April we had our Case Manager Staff meeting with some added fun. We had a PEEP contest.

Here is my Peep display...."The Walking Peeps" - Sheriff Rick Rabbit leading the pack.
My PEEP Zombies are simply FRIGHTENING aren't they?

I put a lot into my PEEPS....but my walking Peeps didn't win any Prizes...Here were some of the competitors. 

SOME Opps we caught you in the bathroom PEEPS. (This was a super cute idea and won one of the prizes)..Stacey's Peeps!
Melanie's beautiful display of flower PEEPS! I believe her's one first place.
This beach "bunny" and the next two pictures were made as a team effort. Each bunny really looks like the team...
One Bunny is on vacation many are in the office and since we are often in the field a traveling Bunny.
This team of PEEPS had some of the MOST votes... I never did find out who did the duck frame and art!!! but it is sure cute...
One of my co-workers has goats on her property and made a Peep goat farm.
My Supervisor had a complete VEST made of Peeps! It was GREAT and very creative..(She wouldn't let me get a picture.)
Although my Peeps didn't win, I had a great time spending a day working with my co-workers. It is days like these that I find I really enjoy my job. Our next staff day will be with the WHOLE agency, that will be a ton of fun!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Pedi-cures and "Hearts a Flutter"

Weekend in April 2015
Tammy had never had an pedicure so we took one afternoon to pamper ourselves. She brought Allie along.

Tammy's toes....

I never thought to get a picture of all our toes done when I was finished....humm! Guess we were all so relaxed I forgot. It was super nice to do a little self pamper. everyone needs a day to get their toes done.
Up next this weekend was my Close to My Heart team meeting. A day of learning new ideas friendship good eats and being CREATIVE.

We have such a great loving team...can you tell?

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Let it go Women's retreat

Womens Day 2015
Syracuse, NY 

I had invited Kelly and Tammy to join me in religious celebration for Women. This event presented a nice breakfast and some uplifting women's gospel/shared stories and faith. Three amazing women shared their personal tragic and how they embraced the holy spirit,  All of us cried as the stories touched our hearts. One women shared about her sick and dying son, another spoke of her sisters tragic death to domestic violence and one women spoke about her battle with depression and suicide. 
There were performances which offered a word of strength in God and singers. The key note speaker offered wisdom and laughter. It was truly a wonderful morning, It got even better when our whole table (minus two) won door prizes ( I think it may have been rigged..LOL)
My prize (I won a$20- gift card)
Kelly's basket prize.

Tammy won too
Here is all of us who won at the table! We were on FIRE!!!
The key note speaker,

We all had lunch at Chili's and got a little silly too. Matt didn't want his picture taken, 

Later that evening the girls and I hung out....I had them help me make ZOMBIE PEEPS for my diorama at work.

It was a wonderful day with beautiful people. 

Birthdays and Easter!!

April 1st 
I am so far behind on my blog. These pictures are from April and now we are in June. I am simply going to fast forward everything and try to catch up to the here and NOW! Nick my eldest turned 22 years old! WOW!

 I think I saw him long enough to blow out the candles & get some gifts before he was out the door back to work. He is working as a welder. I am so proud of this guy!
 Next event in April was Easter! There were no egg hunts or big baskets of Easter joy this year. I guess my kids are too grown!!! Well at least Riley was willing to play the part.
and Gavin did get a little Easter joy.

We also celebrated my Mom's birthday! We had dinner at IHOP in the destiny mall!
My bestie from Florida Kelly moved back to NY last month and her son Matt had a birthday on April 1st too She had us come and celebrate at the Holiday Inn in Auburn NY!

 Katie and her son Devon.
 Matt and Kelly

 Gavin won this in the arcade.

 I Refuse to SMILE!