Sunday, June 21, 2015

Birthdays and Easter!!

April 1st 
I am so far behind on my blog. These pictures are from April and now we are in June. I am simply going to fast forward everything and try to catch up to the here and NOW! Nick my eldest turned 22 years old! WOW!

 I think I saw him long enough to blow out the candles & get some gifts before he was out the door back to work. He is working as a welder. I am so proud of this guy!
 Next event in April was Easter! There were no egg hunts or big baskets of Easter joy this year. I guess my kids are too grown!!! Well at least Riley was willing to play the part.
and Gavin did get a little Easter joy.

We also celebrated my Mom's birthday! We had dinner at IHOP in the destiny mall!
My bestie from Florida Kelly moved back to NY last month and her son Matt had a birthday on April 1st too She had us come and celebrate at the Holiday Inn in Auburn NY!

 Katie and her son Devon.
 Matt and Kelly

 Gavin won this in the arcade.

 I Refuse to SMILE!