Sunday, June 21, 2015

Florida or BUST part 6; Off the beaten Path

March 26
We tried something a little different then the theme parks and went on a Monster Truck Safari....

The monster trucks. Pretty cool aren't they. Converted school buses.
The boys pose here with Gator Jon.

First we drive along the orange groves.

Gator Jon tells a little history of the ORANGE. Did you know that oranges in other areas are not orange at all, but GREEN???

Florida is the number 1 capitol for LIGHTING...WOW. I didn't know that either. This tree was hit as were many others in this forest.

Wild birds....I cant remember the name.

We enter the SWAMP.

If there were any gators we surly scared them away...

These guys were not very friendly, but they sure have some interesting HORNS!!

This guy was a little more assertive, He was enjoying the oranges that we threw to him.

This duck out on the lake was so incredibly still...I was shocked that he wasn't stirred by the gator until I got real close and saw they were both PLASTIC.

Now I know that there are No SHARKS in these waters..but this was a fun picture.

Next was the farm...Koi fish


an Emu...

and a sleepy pig.
We spent a little time at the Orange store, They had some pretty cool stuff.

I spotted this guy while on the road! He was even funnier when he was moving.
After the Monster Bus...we headed to lunch at Mark's most wanted to visit eateries..SONIC (we do not have one in our area, but we see the commercials all the time.

Great day spent in Orlando, slightly different then the theme park day.