Sunday, June 21, 2015

Florida or BUST part 7; Real life go cart racing.

March 27th 2015
The last full day we had in Orlando was spent at the Orlando Kart Center where the boys actually drove professional go karts.
They had to registered first,
Then gear up.

Looking good!
Next up was the information video.
getting the deal on the track.

Preparing to take their first run.

The course from the seating above.
There they go.....

They had the MOST fun.

They took 5th and 6th not bad for beginners.

Dinner was spent at the BBQ place right next to the hotel.
I grabbed this photo it was on the girls room bathroom door...
He was about the only thing I found to be delicious at this restaurant.  None of us were all that impressed.

A little souvenir shopping..Mark found some fanny packs.

Great time in Orlando, tomorrow we say goodbye to Sunny warm Florida.