Sunday, June 21, 2015

Let it go Women's retreat

Womens Day 2015
Syracuse, NY 

I had invited Kelly and Tammy to join me in religious celebration for Women. This event presented a nice breakfast and some uplifting women's gospel/shared stories and faith. Three amazing women shared their personal tragic and how they embraced the holy spirit,  All of us cried as the stories touched our hearts. One women shared about her sick and dying son, another spoke of her sisters tragic death to domestic violence and one women spoke about her battle with depression and suicide. 
There were performances which offered a word of strength in God and singers. The key note speaker offered wisdom and laughter. It was truly a wonderful morning, It got even better when our whole table (minus two) won door prizes ( I think it may have been rigged..LOL)
My prize (I won a$20- gift card)
Kelly's basket prize.

Tammy won too
Here is all of us who won at the table! We were on FIRE!!!
The key note speaker,

We all had lunch at Chili's and got a little silly too. Matt didn't want his picture taken, 

Later that evening the girls and I hung out....I had them help me make ZOMBIE PEEPS for my diorama at work.

It was a wonderful day with beautiful people.