Sunday, August 9, 2015

conference in Albany

Desmond Hotel
Albany, NY
May 12th and 13th

Several of us from work went to a two day conference in Albany for the annual Case Management Coalition Conference. It was a great opportunity for me.
#1. I am new to the field of Case Management, so this really was an amazing learning experience,
#2. There is so much going on for NY State around case management, As NY makes attempts to cut funding for medicaid dollars the role of the case manager is becoming vital in the future of health care, There are so many changes coming up...that being in the conference offered an opportunity to get a jump on what that future might look like.
#3. vacation duh!!! And the hotel was amazing....

I took this from the about section of the internet.....
"First time guests of The Desmond often comment upon the unique design of the hotel and its “colonial theme”. Much of the architecture throughout the property was designed by John K. Desmond, Jr. himself, who as a native Philadelphian had a passion for the early colonial style of that city. The interior of the hotel was therefore modeled after a unique village square; complete with mock storefronts, brick pathways, fountains and balconies.
The hotel keeps with the colonial design by highlighting many antique furnishings and pieces of American history. The luxurious king size four-poster beds that grace the rooms are detailed reproductions of a bed owned by George & Martha Washington in the 1700’s. Original oil paintings from the 1800’s are hung in the ballrooms, and framed Americana art is located throughout the hotel. Many of these pieces were carefully sourced by Mr. Desmond himself, including the intricate model sailing ships which can be found in the lobby and restaurants.
Every design detail, from the paint colors and wallpapers, to the English wool carpets, brass lanterns and nautical furnishings, has been chosen for its historic value. There have been many renovations and updates to the building since it’s beginning in 1974, but they all stay true to Mr. Desmond’s original design of classical luxury."

I paired up with my co-worker Stacey. (She is also on my team and a GREAT lady.) We were in room 266.

After we go settled in our rooms we took a search of the hotel/conference center's great interior look.
Above is looking into room room. I just love how it mirrors a village of years ago.
This fun little fountain graces one of the two atrium areas.
I loved this decor so much. It is simply so much fun.

Some of the halls are dorn with art work that is incredible. Even the light fixtures in the rooms are charming.

Stacey and I gather up our conference items. The conference doesn't officially start until tomorrow morning, but we took a chance on getting our stuff early was was surprised that they were willing to do so.
Stacey and I had dinner at Moe's (Yummy) just around the corner on the next street over. We waited for some of our co workers to arrive in the onsite bar. Check out this statue.....
A few more pictures...of the hotel.

As some of my co-workers arrived we planned to meet up at the pool area. Stacey had forgotten her bathing suite, but I was all for some hot tube relaxation. (I was forbidden to take any pictures in the bathing area...and these ladies (my co-workers) meant business.) I just got them later with their clothing on, (Pictured is one of the other atrium's).
Here are some of the ladies at breakfast. No swimsuit shots here.  Rt to left; Rich, Emily, Christa, Annemarie, and Jason.
the fish in the fountain. They were big guys,

The kick off to the conference was with an incredible speaker who shared his heart breaking story; his mothers boyfriend killed his mother and his siblings, he was allowed to live, His story went on to tell how the kindness of strangers and people like the audience helped him.
Later was a nice lunch and break out for additional mini classes.

After the first day of conference we all headed across the street for a nice dinner at the Blue Stone.

Back at the hotel for an evening of drink and dance....Here we all are doing the electric slide,

What a cute bunch!
A new day started with breakfast on in the courtyard a few more break out training and lunch at The Cheese Cake Factory.

I had the chicken and dumpling...
and cheese cake too of course.