Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Casino COMPS...and I play BINGO

Turning Stone Resort and Casino-Verona, NY
Yellow Brick Rd. Casino-Chittenango, NY
June/July 2015

As many already know...I married into a life I was unaware of and honestly had I not met and married Mark...the interesting and alluring life of gambling may have never entered my spectrum of recreational activities. Hence here I am.

Mark enjoying the VIP lounge at Turning Stone Casino

 I learned years ago that I personally SUCK at the "sport" of gambling...I am a BIG FAT LOOSER!! But this has not prevented me from enjoying the "finer" things that marriage to a gambling man has produced; both the good and the bad as we have seen BOTH.
Vegas has nothing and and EVERYTHING on me!!!
The flying monkey'sat the new Yellowbrick Rd casino
The thing is this...had I not married into this breed, I would have loss out on the "perks" of casino COMPS!!! Yes....those "FREE" items that are the bonus of spending thousands of dollars at the Casino is rewarded with "FREE" plays; money that the casino gives you to play on. "FREE" food, "FREE" shows and attractions (including two Cruise's, massages, and even boxing), "FREE" rooms, "FREE" give-aways, and most recently entrance into a special high roller's VIP lounge. Yep....that is right my darling hubby has landed himself in to VIP status and I have reaped the benefit. Nothing says Hell yes then a beautiful exclusive lounge filled with endless alcoholic beverages and foods; including deserts then the VIP lounge!!!! (to bad I am dieting).
 At our first visit to the VIP room, I looked at the hostess with BIG glazed over eyes and said..."ITS ALL FREE???" and she looked right back at me and said..."You ALREADY PAID for It!!!" enough said.
The BINGO program at the Yellowbrick Rd.

Many evenings/days have been spent out at the casino taking in the enjoyment of the "perks". Holidays have been spent at these very same places, I have seen the inside of many casino's in my 14 years of marriage to my hubby, and I expect I will see many more. There is a OTB to the north of us, a racino to the south, and the biggest area Casino (The Turning Stone) to the East, Ironically, we live in the ONLY county in NY state that does NOT allow a casino to be built in it. (Odd but true.) Just recently another casino was built; The Yellowbrick Rd. in a strip mall in Chittenango. (and no it is not west of us, but closer then The Stone.)

As card holding member of The Turning Stone, soon we were getting flyer of the new casino inviting us (Mark not me) to play at the NEW casino. It would be against all things holy, if we didn't at least take a look and hey a FREE game of BINGO.

The Yellowbrick Rd has The Wizard of Oz reference everywhere.

My BINGO experience has been in church basements generally with a very slow ball announcer, round red plastic disks to cover the numbers and the really dumbed down five in a row bingo wins, or with rocks and candy bars as the prize as the evening entertainment at a Jellystone campground. 
Casino style BINGO is serious BUSINESS!!!! I was IN over my HEAD with the first call "G-48"....
I had, you see, my husbands FREE games and one just for myself. This meant that I would be monitoring a total of 12 game boards all at once, and they were calling the numbers pretty quickly. 
Confident that I had this, I purchased a $2- dauber (everyone of these BINGO nuts had one in every color of the rainbow.), blessed it with GOOD LUCK prayers and prepared for BIG WINNING!! Speaking of good luck, some of these SERIOUS players had toys/rocks and other chakas seated with them at the tables...Mark told me these were good luck charms....I'm not convinced. Some even have BINGO bags, Like I said this is SERIOUS business. 
I could have won several times over, but never once the whole night was able to get in a grove of checking each and every card for called numbers. The ladies across from me would every once in a while daub my cards where I had missed. Even if I had gotten all the numbers, I was almost always not exactly sure what constituted a BINGO. There was a whole BOOK that came with my game cards...a BOOK!!! yes a BOOK and each game represented some crazy combo that was the BINGO for that round. To make things even more confusing, every few minutes or so, an announcer would pipe in this game or that game was now up to some crazy amount, and people would rush to buy more cards or something, I never did get a straight answer on what that was. And there was a BIG BINGO board that simply kept adding numbers all night. I kept thinking this is BINGO for Gods sakes..why am I suddenly feeling like I a MORON!!! I never got a BINGO...not even close,   As noted before I SUCK at this gambling thing. I went home a looser but had one hell of a good time, and now I've got myself one very nice red dyed dauber should I ever plan on attempting to play again. 
Mark is the winner here, he always has been...Just look who he is getting a picture with...not to mention he WON me over...and that is sure one heck of a PRIZE!!