Sunday, September 20, 2015

Let the summer begin: a Rained out Camping trip.

 Sunset Park
Central NY
June 26-28th 2015

I should start off by saying,,,Sunset Park (about a 30 minute drive from home) is the camping area where Kelly and I spent many summers back when our older children were little ones.
A host of memories were made here, Long days of swimming, colorful bike parades, making new friends, boat rides on the lake, many drunken nights and even an engagement (I was purposed to here by Bill), fortunately or unfortunately depending on who you ask...the marriage never did come about..but at the time.... Sunset Park had some pretty important memories made there.
How we came about such a nice little park tucked away from much of anything was a result of Kelly's family who had a permanent summer residence there. Even before the kids were born we were enjoying the freedom of camp life at Sunset at Kelly's parents camper. I believe we even were BANNED from staying there at one point due to our BAD girl any rate, We ONLY recalled days of fun and good times at this camp ground and decided to relive these happy times by bringing our younger children for a trip to make new memories.
(Perhaps we should have simply kept the memories,,,,this camping trip was anything but enjoyable.)
 The first night started out pretty good. We had a dinner of speghettos on the fire. (An easy first night meal for camping,) a few s'mores as any good camping trip should have,  We set the tents up and had things going pretty well.

 Tent looks good.
 a few drinks as all good camping trip should have.
The following morning even went well....
 of course there was always the need of a call to the world out there.
 some relaxation...
 some natural beauty...

 Peanut was certainly enjoying himself.
 and the boys couldn't get enough of playing with the fire,

We even caught a glimpse of some animals...

 Riley was having fun as well.
 The boys had a good time playing some lawn games.

 we made hot dogs on the fire too.

 by 1pm...the fun started to shift as the sun crawled back behind the clouds and it started to sprinkle.
 we set up a little covering for ourselves,,,yes it was rough, who would have thought this 15 year old awning from Ames (which has long been out of business) would be missing a few posts? Ben attempted to bring the fire to our make-shift covering,

 He was quite ingenious as he pulled the fire pit to our new dry location. And so we all sat... under the covering of this pathetic tarp held up by tree limps and a few miss matched poles. We were going to weather out the STORM.

 after all it was only sprinkling.

 Well soon it was coming down pretty hard and then harder,,,it just didn't want to give us a break. Soon the tent was flooding, and the rain continued....wet blankets and bedding was not what we had in mind for this camping adventure. Soon we had all decided best to pack up what we could and head home,

so that was what we did, So sad that we ended our camping adventure at home watching tv and playing video games. My amazing husband came back the following day and took down our soaking wet tent,,,,next time perhaps we will check out the forecast before we enter the woods.  I recall that our previous great times at Sunset Park were never this disappointing, 

I wanted to also add this picture. I had joined this class about 8 weeks ago. The Dale Carnegie Course. I meet some amazing people and learned much about myself.  I graduated on June 25th. I am already missing the wonderful gals I meet while in attendance.