Sunday, September 20, 2015

Mark's weekend; Fathers Day and Birthdays.

Vernon Downs, NY
June 21/22 2015

Mark's birthday, generally lands on the same weekend as Father's day. Which has both its pros and cons. Pros being we get to celebrate him being this amazing DAD and his birthday all in one...cons...we get to celebrate him being his amazing self and fathers day all in one. (Its kind of like having your birthday near Christmas)
At any rate this weekend was dedicated to my husband. An amazing man and incredible father!

 After gifts we set out to Vernon NY to the raceino.
 Vernon has both a casino and horse racing. Not the same kind of racing as Saratoga, which we missed this year, but harness racing instead.
 Mark scored this father of the year T-shirt.

 We had some brunch at the on site restaurant, played a little slots in the casino and ended the afternoon with some harness racing.

 and the winner....the number 2 horse.
 it was close....

 I love this shot of the horse's with the stride in their step.

 It was a beautiful day spent enjoying some of my husbands favorite things on his special day.