Sunday, September 20, 2015

The sixth graders production of The Lion King and Graduation from Middle school.

End of June 2015: last days of elementary school

The end of the school year was incredibly busy for my youngest. The class trip to Albany, finals, saying good bye to friends and the sixth grade production of The Lion King. (It was GREAT.) and ending a chapter in Gavin's education. Completion from Elementary school.

 What can I say....these kids did an amazing job.

 These two were so funny.

It was a GREAT show and the kids did amazing!!!!
Before we all knew it, another year had come and gone,,,and Gavin was completing the 6th grade! good bye Elementary years.

 He cleans up nicely.

 and such a character....

Getting his "diploma".

 friends do too!

 and on to the slide show of the last SEVEN years of elementary school!!!
 I caught this one of Gavin a few years ago, These things always make me cry.

 The year is all over!!!! On to a new school, new friends and new memories...
I think he's a little happy about he whole thing don't you?