Sunday, October 4, 2015

Green Lakes State Park

Green Lakes State Park
Dewitt, NY
Aug. 2015

I have been active hiking and making my rounds to the local State parks. Not as many as I would like to, but a few over the last few weeks. I convinced Mark that a nice walk with the dogs was in order and we took a small morning trip to Green Lakes.

This lush nicely paved lake loop around an incredibly deep blue green lake is both an easy hike and very dog friendly. It is also one of the many parks I grew up loving at going to as a child. Swimming and hiking was one of my favorite as a kid and this park has both. We even went here on Senior SKIP day from High School..(I think it is a Nottingham tradition.) Years ago some of my first diving board experiences were at this lake...days were spent here sunning ourselves and frolicking in the shallow waters of the beach.
There was no swimming in mind for todays was all about taking in the natural beauty and walking the dogs. We also happened upon an early morning race, which did make the walk a little more is very difficult to feel good about yourself excelling all this energy in taking this hike/walk when runners are passing you sometimes twice on the same trail....Running will never be one of my pastimes...hey all the more power to you if you are a runner. Looking at these runners faces as they breezed by us sure made the whole idea look less appealing...most looked like they were ready to die as they ran past.  I would love to add a 5K (or a fun run) to my resume of things I would like to do before I die, I might even sign up to run for a good cause and raise some money...but this whole run for as long and as fast as you can kind of thing,,,,NOPE not for me.
I rather just walk along and enjoy the scenery...(I wont mention that I would DIE of exhaustion is I ran anyways...) and isn't it LOVELY!

Mark, the dogs and I made it around the lake and back to the beach stopping only long enough to let a runner cruise by and let Riley take a swim at the natural made sandy spot. (No swimming allowed, but if I recall this was the best spot to hang out during senior skip day.)

Riley did not obey the no swimming sign and jumped right in...

The colors are incredible. I think I read this has something to do with the depth, minerals and light reflection. (I really don't know) I do know it certainly is breathtaking.
The clarity is what is also can almost see the deep dark bottom, although I heard rumors this lake is bottomless...well you know that cannot be true, but I do understand that there is depths so deep man has not touched the bottom, and there are underground currents that can suck one under. Or maybe that was what we were told as kids not to be foolish enough to swim in the NO SWIMMING zones. OH Hell, I don't know for sure, but it makes for an interesting story just the same.
The beach is pretty quite this early in the morning...I am sure by 10am the beach blankets, sand pails and sunscreen will line these nicely groomed sands.

WOW that felt good...Peanut enjoyed the nice brisk morning walk. 

Love this park!!!!