Sunday, November 29, 2015

Bahamas Cruise: Day 7

Atlantic Ocean COLD North
NYC Manhattan Port
November 14th 2015

Our last is so bittersweet.

After a quick breakfast in the buffet we had some early morning fun playing games and  trivia.
We attempted to enjoy the decks (pictures is my one favorite place) outside the cigar bar. It was COLD however and it made it difficult to enjoy any outside weather. I guess we nearing home.
Lunch was at Savor.
Our last meal on the boat.

A little dance lessons from a cast member of Burn the Floor.

The sun on our last day,
Some of the fun fruit animals.

I captured the bridge through the window as we entered NY harbor.

Back to NY....

We had a long line that we waited in to depart the ship. For future Cruise.....wait until you have to get off!!! We thought we would be missing problems by getting off and not checking our bags, Instead we had to wait in line forever to get off and then we still had to wait for our bus to arrive. Yeah this was not planned out well. We finally found our bus and were headed back to Albany to our car and homeward,,,we were off for about 2 hours and the bus broke down...REALLY!!! Oh well...we still made it home by 7pm and hugged our much missed family grateful for the fun we had but happy  to be home as well.

Bahamas Cruise: Day 6

Atlantic Ocean
Day at Sea
November 12, 2015

Day six was a day at sea. It was still quite warm and I had plans to find a nice seat on the upper deck H20 spice where we had been the evening prior for the 80's party. After breakfast in the Upper Cafe Mark and I found a nice spot in the sun, took a dip in the hot tub and spent the entire morning relaxing in this little piece of heaven. What I liked about this area was it was not to crowded (It is an 18 and older area) It was easily accessible to the hot tub, had a small fountain like bathing area (not really for swimming more to cool down.). I loved this area. It was warm, but the breeze kept the hot off and if it got to hot I simply took a walk through the fountain. Food was right around the corner too, so if ever we got hungry or thirsty we could simply walk to the upper cafe.
We had a late lunch at one of the complementary restaurants.
Enjoyed some time on one of my second favorite locations. An area outside of the cigar bar. The view is amazing and the breeze perfect.
Later we headed to the pool area for some entertainment. The Ms Norwegian contest was about to start. There were all kinds of ladies in this contest some very attractive females and some not so attractive, but the 90 year old woman who "shook her thing "stole the show....The 92 year old judge was funny too!!!

There she is our 90 year old contestant....she was so much fun.

This was our 92 year old judge who couldn't keep his hands to himself.

He finally broke all the rules and go up and danced....

Mark and I laughed so hard during this competition. it was so fun!!! We were not surprised to hear that the winner was this lovely lady!!!
The rest of the day was spent napping, at the casino a casual dinner in the buffet and at long last we headed to the evenings entertainment the dancing performance of Burn the Floor. (pictures from the internet)

We again had front row seats. Go EARLY TO EVERYTHING and you will score BIG!!!

These dancers were INCREDIBLE!!!! The skill and stamina is outrageous. The guys in their tight pants and bare chests were not to bad either. (Just had to put that out there.)  When the performance ended the Cruise had its goodbye to all of us and brought up all the staff and sang that we are now a Norwegian Family.

Goodbye to all our new family......It has been bitter sweet. Tomorrow is our last leg of the voyage and our journey will come to an end.