Thursday, November 19, 2015

Bahamas Cruise: Day 2

Somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean
November 9th 2015

Although we sailed all night long we still were miles away from our first port stop in Florida. When we awoke however we were blessed with warm air, but cloudy skies...This only seemed to get worse as the day went on.
Each evening we were presented with the days events, at breakfast Mark and I looked over the days activities and made decisions about what we planned to do, Pool deck and enjoying the sunshine was not gonna happen....

 No real sunrise this morning as it was so cloudy, At this point in the day I was hopeful for SUN and wonderful weather.....Hope wouldn't be enough to get that sun to come out.
 Another healthy meal...LOL
We decided on spending the day attending the ship activities, doing some more of the casino and simply relaxing...just not on the decks as it began to RAIN and RAIN hard as the day progressed.
First up was Early Risers Trivia..... (there were tons of additional early risers activities which consisted of aerobics, track walk/run and other athletic activities which we passed on.... Imagine that)
 Not so good with the Trivia...
 Board games.....there were only a few choices we decided on Chutes and Ladders....Mark WON!!!
 Multiple art lined the halls of one floor. They were incredibly beautiful pieces...but even at auction prices well out of my price range.

The ship was really rocking and as we walked though the interior often times we were slanted and taken off balance. (we never fell over or anything like that, but we could certainly tell that there must be some big waves rocken us out there.)
 Outside looked a lot like this.

 Another cruise ship out there through the fog.
Inside there was DANCING!!!!!

Outside the deck was getting covered with water and the boat was rocking, At one point the horn of the ship kept on blowing....I admit I was a little CONCERNED!!!
 (although these pictures do not show the degree of water that was running along this deck, All I could think of is that scene from Titantic where the water is rushing down the hallway,
Nerves are so easily calmed with a few beers. So off to the Casino for some gambling and FREE drinks before we made our way to dinner at one of the Complementary but finer Dining establishments...The Manhattan Room.
With long lines we were happily surprised to get a table and some amazing food,

 French onion soup
 Steak and a chocolate volcano for desert.
 Even some live music to make it all more romantic.

Despite the rain and the rough weather, we had a wonderful day on the ship packed full of activities and lots of eats. Tomorrow is our first port day...