Friday, November 27, 2015

Bahamas Cruise: Day 3

Port Canaveral. Florida
November 10, 2015
First Port Stop

Things were looking much brighter by day three, and the air was nice and warm!!! Still moving south we were due to dock in Port Canaveral Florida by 1pm.  This gave us an entire morning to enjoy the sun and the ship.

Mark was compelled to find a nice roasting point up on the highest deck to sun himself, so after our 2nd breakfast of many sausage and eggs...(I think I had them everyday on the ship) we found a nice spot in the sun. I was totally unprepared for sunning in my white jeans and NO sunscreen, that soon I was back on lower decks prepared for something else to enjoy.

We did have some great views while resting on the deck. Occasionally there was another boat like this fishing or shrimp boat with its nets ready to cast.
Back inside, we played a little music trivia before lunch in one of the many restaurants offered in the complementary eateries.
Mark had the cornbeef sandwich, (he was less then impressed and decided this was the only meal on board he did not like.)

I had a burger and fries. (I never do seem to step out of my comfort zone.)
As we were eating lunch we watched as people lined up for departure at the Port. We were also able to use our cell phones again and did a quick check in with home, and connected with my uncle who was meeting us at the port. Glad we had planned not to go back to the cabins before we got off the ship, as we were able to simply finish up our lunch and slip into the line to exit.

Soon we were meeting up with my Uncle Dean and traveling down the Florida coast in his mustang convertible
The beach was accessible just about everywhere along the route and we made a stop at cocoa beach.

Although there were not many people along this stretch there were several surfers out in the tide.

and of course Mark had to make his way into the waves,

(yeah Hon, I don't think you have to worry about your shorts getting wet,,,,LOL)

Wish I had planned for some beach action, I would have worn my bathing suite and brought a towel. The waves were perfect and the water was not to cold. (Not for us Northerners).

Beach fun over, we headed towards Ben's house (my step son). He had school today, so we had to wait for a bit before we meet up with him. Then we were off to dinner. We found a nice place called BJ's.

BJ's brews its own beer, but I was really craving a cocktail.

Broccoli cheddar soup and a salad. Yummy
We were able to get a picture of all of us before we headed out.

The time went much to fast and soon we were saying goodbye to Ben and heading back to board the ship. Good bye family and Florida until next time....
Once back we enjoyed a little more of the casino and prepared for the evenings entertainment.  We had seats for the Broadway (like) musical Rock of Ages!!!! click here for link to the youtube video of Rock of Ages,

We had front row seats and the show was AWESOME!!!! All of the 80's music was GREAT. I sung along most of the night. There was even one scene where one of the characters interacted with me from the stage, It was a little vulgar, but it was fun. (He was making sexual gestures towards me in one of the scenes.) I think Mark who is not a musical fan even enjoyed this one. The performance was TOP of the line good!!! Synapse of the show. Rocker wants to make it big, mid town girl comes to Hollywood, they meet fall in love, life gets complicated and the loose sight of goals and each other. They reconnect ROCK is saved and everyone lives happily ever after. I love a LOVE story add some 80's rock, big hair and eye liner and it was definitely a HIT in my world!
What an AMAZING Day!!!! And we were only on our third day of the cruise....WOW is all I can say!