Friday, November 27, 2015

Bahamas Cruise: Day 4

Great Stirrup Cay
Norwegians Private Island
November 11, 2015

Day four promised to be Incredible....and it was!!!

The sun was coming up the weather was perfect and we were to spend the entire day at the beach enjoying the water and the sun!!
We started out the day with breakfast from the Uptown cafe on the upper deck. We had a great view of those people who are compelled to workout while they are on vacation while we shoved breakfast sandwich's and overly large sticky buns into our face. (No comment......from the peanut gallery.)

I grabbed some pictures of the upper deck. Maybe on the next cruise I will walk the track and take the plunge on the water slide. I passed on both this cruise.

The day was perfect. Beauty was everywhere.
Soon we were seeing the Island where we were to spend our day.
Looks lovely,....
A brief discussion on the deporting process as we had to take what they call a tender into the port. The Breakaway is much to large to dock so we were informed we would have to board smaller boats to take us to the Island. This turned out to be an incredible NIGHTMARE.
The lines were LONG, the wait was LONG and it had to be the worst part of the trip. We were routed and re-routed throughout the vessel and even got to see the bottom areas of the ship.

finally we were at the boats,... the plank to the smaller ship wobbled and swayed over the gap from the tender to the Breakaway. At one point it even lifted from its base. Lucky no one was on it when it did. I walked QUICK over that.....1, 2, 3...GO DONT LOOK BACK!!!
Made it.
The nice fella sitting across from us offered me some camera tips, he even offered to take a picture of Me and Mark. (There are rare.)
Soon we were off.....bye bye big BOAT!!!

The time to the Island was minutes and soon we were stepping off into Island Paradise,

Some how a private Island does not seem so private when you are sharing it with some 4 thousand other people....the main beach area was FULL of people by the time we got there, so we keep walking til we found a few nice seats.

Once we were set with our own claimed land....(towels, seats, sun screen, drinks and a book) we headed right into the water.

Sunning time. Relaxation, breeze, sun and a perfect day! NEED TO KNOW NEXT TIME: Bring more sunscreen, my own blowup inner tube, a water proof camera, a better book, and a snorkel set. Oh yeah and get my nails done professionally next time!!!!
I had so much fun swimming. The water was so clear you could see all the way to bottom even when you were in deep. At one point I was seemingly enjoying myself when this woman near me began screaming "Ohh!!!! Look look how big..its a fish!" and there he was this GIGANTIC fish swimming right near my feat...Ok....I'm done. Out of the water I went. It didn't keep me out to long, but something about fish swimming near my toes has me a little be weary of what they might mistake for a minnow.
Lunch was a BBQ on the beach. Burgers/Ribs were offered at one stand, and additional food was at another. All the lines were LONG, so we settled for just the burgers and some lemonade. While we were eating someone had left their full plates at one of the picnic benches. The sea gulls attacked. I watched as they devoured an entire BBQ rib and anything else they could get their beaks into.
After lunch we ventured over to the main stage where they had funny contests. These couples were attempting to roll a coconut up their partners body without their hands,

It was incredibly silly.

There was much more to explore of the Island, but Mark and I stayed close to our area near the water. I learned later that there is a snorkel rental that offers an underwater treasure map. (This is why I suggested next time bringing my own snorkel.) They also offer float rentals....(I have an awesome chair float that would have been perfect for this beach.) Cut back on the the items of clothing and bulked up on the beach stuff for my next trip. I didn't wear 1/2 of the clothing items I packed.
The island also had a shopping area, We looked but didn't buy anything.
As the sun moved across the sky, and we have our fill of sand and sun, we packed up and made our way back to the tender to return to the ship. 

Oh our way out I caught this guy and his friend sunny himself on the warm rocks.

Bye Island paradise .....

back to our BIG ship.... It looks really really really big as we approach it from the water.

Once back on board we cleaned up, showered and made our way to one of the complementary dinning rooms; Either Taste or Savor (I cannot remember they are on opposite sides of each other and serve the exact same things.)
I get a picture of the sun setting as we eat.

Steak and potatoes for Mark,.
Chicken Parm and spaghetti for me. This was delicious.
Desert, I can't remember what it was, but it was good.
After dinner we did a little shopping. There always seemed to be some BIG sale going on. Nothing ever seemed worth the sale price to me, but the Duty and tax FREE store had some SCOREs of good deals on liquor/tobacco. Next time I plan to buy some alcohol. These prices were discount MAGA!!!
The evening entertainment included the Dueling Pianos.

These guys did a great job. Much enjoyed. (Wish we had made it to one of the Improv comic shows...another NEXT time!)
Yet another great day at SEA and Island. Tomorrow we are on to the Bahama's!!!!