Tuesday, November 3, 2015

CAZ Homecoming.

Cazenovia, NY
Homecoming weekend
Oct. 3d, 2015

I have been so blessed to have Cazenovia as my alumni school. Not only have I enjoyed multiple reunions, but I have made a tradition of attending the annual Homecoming event each year over the last few years. Some years I have had my family and added on friends...this year Gavin had one of his friends come along and Mary and her son meet up with us later. The Homecoming weekend is really for the parents and their current Cazenovia student to get a weekend together at the college, Alumni are invited and they have a very nice alumni reception as well, but we love it because it is a fun filled day of GREAT things to do. This year didn't fail the expectations.....

First up was a little game time in the student lounge.

After brunch in the student cafeteria...which is always lots of fun for the kids as they get to pick what they like to eat...buffet style. Gavin and his friend Tucker enjoyed making homemade waffles.  Then we headed to Critz Farms

This place has sure produced several memories. Pumpkin picking, apple picking, a corn maze, wine and lots of fall fun.
We started off on the farm with a trip into the apple orchard.


and of course there were lots of pumpkins.....

Next we headed to the corn maze.

When you get to the end...RING that bell!!!!
Okay so were not to far from the buildings....not lost!
Next we headed to the not so scary haunted house...

Yep...none of us were too frightened of this place. Then a little fun on the playground.

and some climbing on the hay.
After all this running around we then made our way to the farm animals..
Little Donkey....and some ducks.
Petting the pony
and simply loving these little stinkers...
My Great Grandparents raised pigs in Iowa. I never met my Great Grandfather, but my Grandmother Ester had the most amazing farm house with pigs that surrounded the place. I was little back then of course, but I always remembered these guys. Somehow they never seemed quite as little and cute as these babies,....I remember them as being VERY LARGE animals. These little guys were much more likable.
There were a few other four legged friends....like this Lama

and a ton of goats...

They seemed friendly.,....but goats have gotten me before...
off by the hay slide we saw this sad little painted pony...he didn't look well and had a crusty eye...poor little guy.

Gavin had to show his skills....and climb up this barn ladder.
We wrapped the fun up at Critz with some music and some apple fritters..

Upon returning to  Cazenovia College we arrived just in time to take a ride on the horse drawn carriage around the campus.

The boys had so much fun, they took a second ride.....
There they go.....
Carriage ride complete we made our way indoors (and it was quite cold out) to play BINGO!!!
We had bum cards...none of us won a thing this time. A few years ago; Ben Gavin and Mary's son Alex all won. This year was a no go! We still had a good time and Gavin was quite the entertainer.
Hubbard Hall. This was where I lived for my first two years. It was one of the only ALL GIRLS dorm. Bummer no boys....but the perk was it was linked to almost everything, I could get to my classes, the cafeteria, the pub, the mail room and the book store in my pajamas and slippers if I wanted to and never go outside. Definitely a plus when those cold upstate NY winters came in.
The school has changed a lot since my days. It has grown significantly. Here the boys stand in front of the art building. This whole lot used to be houses converted into campus apartments, which is where I lived for the first semester of my junior year. I had my first child that school year and moved back home shortly after my pregnancy became a REAL fact of life. Nick was born the week before school's spring break.
Since we had a little free time we did some village exploration. Cazenovia village is so cute. I never really appreciated it when I lived there, but do we ever when were so young? At any rate, if your ever in the area I would recommend a stroll through the village. We happened upon an ART weekend and found ourselves on the Art trail. Below Gavin poses with a Penguin outside the village library.-
I got a picture of this interesting looking cow...
On our way out the back we had a nice chat with a man who uses discarded wood into art pieces (I should have taken a picture,) I was more lured by this cute little Fairy Garden. (you can see one of the wooden pieces in the background.)

One of the village churches...very pretty,
We stopped at a store in the village that sold nothing but CANDY!!! The boys were in heaven....but we had to have dinner first and we were off to Caz Pizza, This is the most delicious pizza ever,

We also connected with Mary while we were heading to dinner. Yeah!!!
The three little boys all ordered Cal-zones,,,,
While Mary and I split a chicken wing pizza!!!! Highly recommended.

After filling our bellies FULL!! Mary and I let the boys loose in the candy store and continued our walk with plans to visit the Cazenovia College gym.  
It was a nice walk and much needed after all that pizza, but when we got to the gym we found it was closed for the night, Bummer. Oh well...next event is coming up soon. Mary and I left the boys in the game room while we attended the Alumni reception. I only knew Mary...no one from my graduating class was there....Opps I take that back Dacey was, but she is a member of the college and is always at these events. It was still nice to say hi!

The boys played while Mary and I, on still very full stomachs ate cocktail h'ordorves and FREE drinks.
As the reception ceased we soon made our way to the Science building where we were entertained by the evening comedian. Dave Farrell was his name. He was funny and had a lot of audience participation. Perhaps funnier then the comedian was this little boy in the audience who had TONS to talk about, He nearly took the show over.  Alex was pretty funny too when he reported there were ONLY two people in his home town of Cicero NY...We all laughed....
A brief bathroom break and some treats before the Minion Movie...and the day was complete!!! I loved the Minion Movie.

It was definitely a FULL day. Gavin could not stop talking about the fun he had. I myself was BEAT!!!! It was quite a lot of activities for one day. Perhaps we will skip next year,,,,,NAH!!! Of course we have to do it at least one more time!