Saturday, November 7, 2015

Happy Halloween!!!

Oct. 30th-31st 2015

Halloween weekend was GREAT fun! Gavin dressed as Robyn for school that Friday, he has a cape on his back, a cape on his bat man undies and capes on his Robyn socks!!!

Later that evening I had my annual Halloween Party, Mark, Gavin and I were the Batman Family...even the dogs got super'd up for the event. 

 Look out crime here we come!!!
 Riley had a super cape...but he ate it!!!!
I had invited a ton of people, but not everyone attended. Some of my never miss this annual event were there however.....Tammy and two of her children Alan and Allie (zombie nerd).

Pat and Annie....(LOVE THIS COSTUME....)

Renee, David and their son Adam. It was also their anniversary!!! Happy Anniversary guys!!!

Tracey from work also showed up. She had not said she was coming so it was a nice surprise....
I was so bad about pictures this year and missed some of my additional guest. Carmen came, as well as one of my other co-workers Andrea and her friend. They were dressed up too. (So should have got a picture.) Carol and Serena came late in the evening after Carol's son Tyler's football game. We had some fun playing some games and catching up with one another and Gavin was great entertainment for the evening too. He must have his mother's SOCIAL abilities...I think we are all just getting to old for these events. (Although I am sure I will host another next year!!!) I just don't think I will decorate my WHOLE house!!!!
Gavin who has been un-excited about the trick or treating aspect of Halloween (This would NOT be a trait he inherited from him mother.) in past years...was PUMPED about going out without MOM and with some GIRLS he meet at school.....
He was so excited he even let me take a picture.....with nearly no resistance. AND he wasn't TOO big to hug and kiss his mother before I left him to have his adolescent FUN!
It was a GREAT Halloween weekend!!! Boo!