Thursday, November 5, 2015

Trail of Terror and Prison City

Trail of Terror
Fulton, NY
Prison City
Auburn, NY
Weekend of Oct. 16th and 17th 2015

Lets all admit it.....this guy is SCARY!!!! REALLY REALLY REALLY SCARY!!!! Now have this guy standing right in your face and that SCARE multiplies by 1000x. This is me at the Trail of Terror even before we entered into the trail. FREAKED!!!!! I am a CHICKEN....and the older I get the more FREAKED out by this stuff I am.
Below are the few pictures I got. Due to the broken camera, I was left to take pictures with my phone, which I am not very good at.
The trail of terror was/is SCARY!!! Of course this is coming from the chicken son thought I was a big baby and posed with the chain saw yielding clown that had previously lead Kelly's nephew to refuse to enter the trail as a result into the parking lot. Yes that is correct Devon (Kelly's nephew) had brow beat this terrifying clown so much, the clown followed him with a chain saw into the parking lot just as we were finally entering the trail. Devon simply had to wait for us to complete because he REFUSED to come anywhere near this guy. (They all got brave later when there were a few young girls in view.)
 Here is Jason RIGHT in my face!!!! I was a MESS!!!! The trail itself was not nearly as frightening as the pre show of Jason in my face and the chainsaw chasing clown. After the incredibly long wait, and the confusion of loosing Devon to the chain saw, we were finally ushered into the trail where we were all told the TRAIL rules..then we walked along in the dark to several spooked areas each with its own son had my arm and hand to tight in his that I had no choice but to simply endure the adventure.
 Our fellow trail walkers were all pretty boring. What makes a good fright is a good group of scared FREAKS like me,,,,and our group walked along like a bunch of ZOMBIES...BORING!!!!! I screamed...pushed,...had some audience participation....pretty much acted a fool..but hey, you only live once and I can totally convince myself in these types of scenarios....that this is my very last moments of life!!!!!I think Gavin became irritated with me, and although he claimed NOT to be scared he was certainly PO'd at me when or if I attempted to break free of his tight grip in an attempt to get away from the trail creatures..."MOM!!!!! Hold my hand!". It was of  course all for MY own protection. Since I was NOT able to get away...(his grip was pretty TIGHT), I would instead throw my hands in front of my eyes and pretend there was NOT creepy scary creatures coming at me!!! "YOU CAN'T SEE ME...SINCE I CANT see YOU!!!The chain saw crew at the very end were the most frightening, and I thought there had to be at least a dozen or so chain saw yielding clowns coming at my legs or arms, but Gavin assured it there were ONLY 4!!!! (maybe the hands over the eyes added an additional scare to that part of the walk.)
 I am not sure what that black postage stamp looking thing is, but here are the boys by the fire before getting to scared!
It was quite a fun evening!!! Something about getting SO scared has such an appeal!!!
Everyone spent the night. Kelly and I enjoyed some wine while the boys played on the X-box, the following morning Kelly and I went shopping and found Matt his first WINTER ever some warm winter wear. Then I made a big BRUNCH!

After brunch we headed to Auburn, where Kelly lives. The plan was to go pumpkin picking along with a hay ride and other Fall type activities followed up by a Haunted Pirate ship later that evening. The boys were to busy riding skateboards and playing in "The Fort" to do much daytime activities out and about, but were welcoming of dinner We had dinner at the Prison City Pub in the city of Auburn, Kelly and I scared the home brewed beers and I ate my general...a burger and fries. This is not a burger fries type pub, it is definitely a restaurant for those with a different taste. We are so non food son even balked at the mac and cheese and I struggled to get my burger down (I am not sure why...all organic feed free range cows should taste GREAT right?....well it definitely had an unusual taste for beef to me,) The beers were good! Matt even had calamari......WOW!!! Yes my kid and I have got NO TASTE for "REAL" food!!!

The interior design of the place is fun. Everything is industrial and prison themed.  I was able to use my NEW camera (not nearly as nice as my broken one) and catch a few MUG shots....
Guilty as charged.....failure to eat dinner....

I tried to look sorry for my crimes.....
After dinner we went to the location of the Pirate Ship ghost adventure....we searched for ever and finally decided it must be the house with the tiny play pirate ship in the yard, Devon; who has been in previous years assured us that the ship was much bigger and that we must be in the wrong place. After some more searching we googled the event and found it was not until the following weekend..Well there goes that idea. Now what??
Gavin had already convinced me to stay the night so we had a long evening ahead of us, We decided to go to Auburn's most SCARIEST places, Auburn has many old houses and some extensive history, including Harriet Tubman's home and the Steward house. Both could have some haunts, but The Steward house was closed and we couldn't even get in the drive to look into the Kelly announces a drive through the cemetery, I was scared to was so dark and my car lights only made me feel like we were intruding on this dark resting place. Funny how our thoughts a kid, we would "party" (yeah...totally disrespectful I know) in the cemetery located near my house....I was never really scared...but something about being in this sacred place in the pitch blackness of the night had me a mess. Kelly proceeds to tell stories of ghost sightings and events of people being touched.....and I am soon seeing shadow figures dodging behind headstones...all I wanted to do was get the hell out of there.. Where where where is that exit???? I got the boys in the back go back.  NOPE NO NO WAY!!!! Once I saw a street light and a main road I was gone!!!!Thanks but NO thanks!!!! We headed back to Kelly's house for the evening and watched scary movies till we all passed out.
Matt brought out his chameleon and Gavin was more frighten of holding her initially then he ever was of that cemetery night ride.....he soon took the risk and has decided that a chameleon would make a GREAT Christmas present,

The following morning we awoke to SNOW....Dreadful I know, but this is Central NY. It was a great weekend of scares and Halloween is just a few weeks away!!!