Saturday, November 7, 2015

War Room, Birthdays/parties and busy week...

Weeks of Oct.12-Oct 29th 2015

My bible study group and my church are doing life study lessons around the movie The War Room. Danny (friend and bible study partner) and I had gone to see the movie at the theater a few weeks back. Great movie and prayer inspired. The lessons all come from themes in the movie. Like all "studies" there is homework. I have been trying to incorporate prayer into my daily routine and ONLY missed a few assignments, Ill admit that I am NOT very good with it, but I am better and I am seeing a change in my life attitude. 
This is not to blog about my spiritual belief's but I did want to note in here what activities I have been doing. Monday evening have been my spiritual outlet, and much enjoyed. 
Most of the last few weeks have been busy with work and LIFE with very little trip taking. On Friday Oct 23d. I spent the day at my Husbands work attending a conference. It sounds so CORNY, but  rode into work with him that day and got to hang out with him during lunch and in his office after the conference was done. I really enjoyed myself. It was a go to work with your husband kind of day. Plus I got to enjoy the all day conference and spent the evening at Coleman's restaurant for dinner and drinks with several of my co-workers to celebrate Tom's birthday. (I didn't take pictures.) but I did get this shot from my phone of the leprechaun tiny door entrance. Tom (one of the supervisors at work) offered to buy anyone who attended a drink and donate funds to the local food pantry for everyone who showed up. It was pretty packed...I don't think he realized just how many people would come. Mark and I had dinner at this Irish themed pub before we made rounds and he got to meet several of my co-workers.  

Saturday Oct. 24th I went to a Halloween Party at Erin's house. (I only got this shot of me that evening.) Erin, Carol, Serena and Stacey dressed as Charlies Angels. It was super cute. I appeared with witch hat and black lips as well as some unusual makeup. It became an evening of girl friend (as there was only one male in attendance) fun. Carol's neighbors showed up as well and they had me laughing. Great night for fun! 
On Thursday Oct. 29th I had my all day staff meeting at work. These meetings are about once a quarter and we spend several hours learning new or refreshed information. The company provides lunch and we bring in a pot luck breakfast. We learned about Diabetes and the use of Motivational Interviewing, As it is near Halloween we  had a costume contest. Here are a few of the costumes

 Tracy's Birds costume won first place. I love it!!!!
 Melanie was a black eyed P!!!! This was what we had planned to go as last year, but didn't. This year our team came as the DUEL TEAM
left to rt.Barb, Me, Eva, Stacey Sandy and Molly
 We are the DUAL TEAM of our department, so it was a fun play on words....Molly informed me after that we would had taken third place but SOMEONE (ME) didn't vote for us and we lost by one vote. I voted for Tracy....sorry team.
 The moon and the night has been so Halloweenie.....I played a bit with my new camera one night trying to catch the clouds over the full moon. I am NOT loving this camera yet, but it definitely has some serious telephoto abilities,. I would have never got this close with my old camera. The photo who have been a super tiny white dot in the sky or a blurred image.
Thursday evening Gavin gutted the pumpkin.....but didn't carve it. Yeah....I tried but it was a fail. I just wan't into it this year.

The house was decorated and all ready for the weekend.. Halloween is on it's way. Great fun this week.