Sunday, January 17, 2016

Bringing in 2016 RIGHT!!!

Turing Stone Casino and Resort
December 31st-January 1 2016

Mark and I had tickets to the Turing Stone New Years Eve celebration. We also had a room for the evening and had an amazing New Years and New Years day planned. (As many know I am big on FREE and the evening events were 100% FREE!!!)

Ben had arrived in NY from Florida on the 26th. Mark took the week off from work to spend time with the boys. They had a great time going to local fun places that boys enjoy. We all took an evening to go to see the new Star Wars Movie in 3D.

 I LOVED it!!!!! I was so excited to see this new one and was even more excited to have Hans and the gang meet up again. Recommended to all!!!

(The boys were so cooperative at me attempting to get a photo shot...NOT!!!)
We had all planned to go out to the Turning Stone for New Years Eve thinking the boys could hang out in the pool and the room, while we headed to the adult party.
I had to work for 1/2 the day on New Years Eve, so everyone was waiting for me when I got home.  Gavin was not as interested in going as we had thought and at the last minute the boys choose to stay home. This meant Mark and I had the evening to ourselves.
It worked out well.

Mark and I arrived at the resort just minutes before check in. We put the car in valet and headed to our room,
This was our room!!!! With all the Holiday Goodies!!!!

 We still had lots of time before the evening festivities began, so we decided to head to the pool.
Mark and I had the pool and the hot tub all to ourselves. (I'm not sure why.) Mark hit the hot tub several times while I enjoyed taking a dip in the pool,... then a soak in the tub. It was incredibly relaxing and totally enjoyable. After having some time in the pool area. We headed to the spa where I signed up for a New Years Eve massage later in the evening. (Mark paid for this in Points...).
Since dinner didn't start til 8pm and we were getting hungry we headed to the VIP lounge for some cocktails and some pre-dinner snacks.
I LOVE this room; its located on its own floor and there is always food and FREE beverages. I could spend my whole evening here watching tv, consuming alcohol munching on yummies or reading a book. (Mark's VIP status will be ending soon.....this means he has no longer played enough Casino games to be as high of a member- this could be a healthy thing...but I am going to enjoy it for as long as I can.)
It was soon time for my massage. I headed back to the spa and had a relaxing hour of MASSAGE!!! While I took in the spa, Mark hit the casino.
My massage ended and I took in a little of what the spa had for their guests . (The showers a second hot tub, sauna, and steam room) before I headed back to the room to get ready for the evening.
It wasn't long after I started styling my hair when Mark asked me to meet him in the casino. I thought it odd that he wasn't planning on meeting me in the room. He still had his New Years Eve garb in the room and that was where we planned to meet up. I finally went down and found him with some landmarks and it was then that he told me he couldn't leave......He was at a machine that was WINNING!!!!! (Picture to follow as it is not in the Turning Stone data base at this point.)

Mark hit a jackpot!!!! YEAH!!!! After 1200 free spins he ended up with nearly $3,000.00 in winnings, a picture (with me too) on the wall of FAME and a sore bottom from sitting so long.
The evening was already going GREAT and a Winner too!!!
Mark collected his winnings and we headed to dinner.

 The food was buffet style and there was an open bar.
 We enjoyed the evening meal while taking in trips to areas around the casino as we awaited the final moments before the 2015 ending countdown. The place was PACKED!!!! Every club, every conference hall, the game rooms and even the halls were FULL of people ready to celebrate 2016!!!
Soon it was time!!!

 The band played on and then the count down began,.....10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!
 The streamers and balloons fell....

 A kiss for 2016 and for our 14th Anniversary!!!! Mark and I were married New Years Day 2002!
Shortly after mid-night we headed to our room....It was a late night for us. Sleep was welcoming.

New years day blessed us with a buffet breakfast (part of the New Years Eve celebration), a little more time in the Casino and meeting up with the boys and Bubbe before we headed to a lunch at the Casino Buffet. (So much for starting the new year on a DIET.....
 My very first meal of 2016....

 The boys arrived with Bubbe and after lunch we awaited the valet for our car. Gavin and Ben had a little late New Year cheer!!!
WOW what a wonderful way to end and start another year!!!!
Happy 2016!!! I am so blessed by the incredible amazing full life these years have given me.