Friday, February 26, 2016

Winner Dinner Party, a snow shoe failure and the Mardi Gras Wine tour

Turning Stone Casino
Feb. 18th 2016
Green Lakes State Park;  Dewitt NY
Feb. 19th 2016
Cayuga Lake/Finger Lake Wine Region
Feb. 20th 2016

Back in 2015....the 31st of January to be exact, Mark won a jackpot at the casino. As a jackpot winner he and a guest(me) were offer a wining meal! The dinner was held Feb. 18th.

 Mark got his picture taken holdin the MONEY!!! Dinner was amazing. Meatloaf wrapped in bacon, creamed corn to die for, and lots of FREE alcoholic beverages (For the guest to partake). Mark also ran into a friend of his so we had some company at our dinner table.
 SMILES to the winner....

and the MEAL!!! It was such a nice treat to have an additional reward on top of the winnings... CONGRADS TO THE WINNERS!!! Feast up!!!

That following Friday I had scored Mark and I FREE admission to a snowshoe moonlite walk in the woods. I had prepped myself all day in anticipation. (If you recall, my zipper had broken on my winter coat.) It had been cold, but I thought a big sweatshirt over multiple layers would keep me warm. As the day continued it rained making my fear of the cold vanish....but I did not expect the HIGH winds that ran through the area. Later that evening the rain turned to sleet and the wind was blowing even more. When we arrived to check in, the park rangers couldn't even lite the torches, the wind was so strong, Mark and I contemplated the idea of making the best of it....discussed long and big gush of wind and we decided,...forget ahh bout it!!! (I feel terrible if I bumped someone out of the opportunity as there was a wait list for the snow shoes, but it was just to yucky to be enjoyable.) Maybe next time when the wind is calm and I have a zipper on my coat.

Saturday morning was MARDI GRAS time!!!!  And the DAY was BEautiful!!! No coat needed!
I took this tour last year with Mary, Tammy, Rich, Mark and Brian caught up with us at the hotel. This year we had a whole BUNCH of us!!

Brian offered to drive the RV for all of us, but Mark and I took our car and Renee and Bridget joined us. Brian's RV was packed with Birthday girls; Christine, Sandy and Mary!! and friendly supports; Sheila, Lynne, Tammy, Kate and Rich.
Ready for some FUN!

Renee, Bridget, Christine, Kate, Lynne, Mary and myself

Montezuma Winery #1:

We arrived at the first winery a little to early to start the tour, but I purchased a bottle of Blush at Montezuma and started the day off right!
I am ready!!

Everyone enjoyed a nip! Especially Tammy!!

Waiting for our tastes.
Tammy our last year bead Whore,,,already in the lead!
Each winery had a food dish to pair with a signature wine. This was bread pudding.
Kate makes a funny face...Mark and Rich in the back ground.

 Taken from the phones...Selfie's

I caught this get up as we were heading out and had to get a picture!!
Number 2: Swedish Hill

Along with the tour is a puzzle that must be solved at each winery. Renee was our tracker.
Showing off her beads again,

Beautiful country!

#3; Knapp

No pictures but we all bought a bottle of wine. I fell in love with Loganberry! (We lost the RV at this point.. and the winerarys were starting to get crowded.)
#4 Varick:
What do you think of this guys beads....yes that is what you think it is. Don't recall if any of the wines stood out, but I paid a $1- for some wine gummies that were AWFUL! This place has in addition to wine, jellies, jams, oils, fudge, cheesecake, salsa...and all kinds of other yummy stuff you can buy. Best of all they have tasting stations all over the place,

taste away and NO line
We found the rest of our party and caught up,.
#5: Goose Watch

The crowds were really getting long, We were standing outside waiting for this one. 

Food pairing for this place was was yummy! We also caught up again with the RV crew!

Kate, Shelia, and Sandy wait for their tastes

Lynne, Mary and Tammy (She has gained more stash to wear)

Christine won a CRAB!
Starting to see the lake...
#6: Buttonwood Grove
Lots of fun gifts to purchase here. There was some beautiful metal cork holder art pieces.

Some more beautiful landscape!!

#7Toro Run
People were starting to get a little silly by the time we got to this winery!!!

#8: Cayuga Ridge Estates

This was not my favorite, there was a long long long long line that took us into a basement area, I will say they were the most voiceful when some one would win a prize, I also ran into my meet up friends here!
I thought this light fixture running through an old ladder was cool
The meet up crew; Carol, Kim and Sue. (I can't recall the other women). They had taken the tour the opposite direction. We were meeting in the middle.
#9: Thirsty Owl..

Wine is good, but we had more fun just having fun! Long line for the women's room. We use the mens. Renee pretending to use the urinal.
Talk about silly...just look at this CREW

#10 Lucus
I don't know why I don't have any pictures while we were there. I think I was getting to my DONE point by then, but I did steal some of Lynne's picture. (this might not be Lucus)

Bridget won at this Winery and she got a great gift, It was a wine glass!!

#11: Americana (My favorite and the last one for this tour round, there are 16th in total on the ticket)
When we got to Americana this guy offered to dance for beads. Renee obliged. 

Sheila poses! and Sandy is feeling No pain.
What a great day,. The RV crew went on to dinner in Auburn, but we hit the road early and had a late meal at a truck stop. I purchased a few wine tour items for myself. Meet Owen..isn't he cute? and my earrings are great too!
I had fun, but not nearly as much fun as last year. It was simply to crowded We seemed to be spending much to much time waiting in line, I suppose doing it over a two day period or just on the Sunday might made the experience all the more fun and not so rushed. Might re-think attending next year, but totally worth the experience!!!