Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Christine's Cakes & Flakes party,

Pheonix, NY 
Feb. 12th-13th 2016 It is OFFICIALLY FAT FEBRUARY!!!!

There are a few Birthdays (Sandy and Christine) in Feb. and of course it is always snowing in central NY so we had a Cakes and Flakes party at Christine's house. It was a SCRAPPY SLUMBER PARTY. I took Friday off to attend,

First we had a lovely lunch.

I even made pulled pork for the very first time....and no one choked.
Christine had a Hot Cocoa bar and it was especially yummy with a little cheery Bailey's.

As the day went on and it grew cold and dark...several of us needed a little warm shot of mixed liquor to keep us HOT before dinner.

3, 2, 1
Bottoms up!!!
I found these quite disgusting...but fun at my local liquor store.
and more shots...

a little silly...just a little...and this is what my scrappy space looked like.
Everyone else looked busy...not messy.





Christine made these adorable little cut outs using the CTMH smiles stamps.

Here are my results.  thanks to Kate's help.

I simply LOVE this Owl...and he was made from this simply stamp set....Way to think out of the BOX!!!

We also made tags and bags for swapping. This was our total collection. LOVE IT!!!

Having a fun filled night...

We got a visitor....Kristina!!! She has been on the team for some time now...but has had the most successful CTMH business....SO SUCCESSFUL IN FACT.....She was offered a position with the Corporate office. What an amazing gal!!! So funny, so sweet and so talented. We will missed her tendentiously. Her funny quirky stories will be a forever reminder of her wit and charm. WE will miss you Kristina but so HAPPY for your opportunity!!!

Kristina indicating that although she is NOW a bigwig on CTMH campus,,,she is humble enough to get her own chair.

We got a few team pictures....

and of course some silly ones too.

After a tearful goodbye and a nite nite hug,.we were soon sleeping snug in our beds/air mattress,.
Saturday we had a wonderful breakfast before we did a few more scrappy items. (Christine made this lay out for us to follow and make.)

Before I knew it..It was time to go home. Great Slumber party ladies!!! I cannot wait for the next one.