Friday, March 18, 2016


Abba tribute band
Turningstone resort and Casino
Feb. 27th 2016

When Tammy said she, her sister and college roomate were going to see the Abba tribute band at the Turning Stone, I just had to get my own tickets and enjoy the show too, Mark was able to score me and Renee table seats with a perfect view.

When the day finally arrived, we decided to have a nice dinner at the buffet and a few cocktails before the 7:30 showing. When we arrived the line for the buffet stretched for MILES. There was no way we were going to be able to get in, eat, have s few drinks and make it to the show in time. NO fear...Mark is here! He and his VIP casino card walked us right to the front of the line. Woot Woot!!

After filling our bellies to the top a little desert was a GOOD idea.

Dinner complete we headed to the casino pub where Renee and I had a drink. I had seconds secured in my purse. (The only way to go). We met this little lady at the bar. She was celebrating her Birthday and seemed to be having a GREAT time. She had been drinking since earlier that day. Way to wear it for your birthday!

Her step not related at all introduced himself and gave us an earful of his life. (Thanks for that counseling engagement thing I do so well....)Renee didn't help either when she started asking about some stupid Mexican frogs...he went on and on and on!!!! Opps sorry shows about to start.

Table seats!!!!
I didn't think I could bring my camera so all these pictures are from my phone. Sorry some are a little fuzzy,
We saw an old friend, a parent of one of our friends growing up. And eventually saw Tammy and her little group. Before we knew it...The SHOW was about to Start!!!


Dancing Queen started off the SET!!!

We had such a great time. I think I knew every song they sang and I sang along with it!!!

It truly was GREAT fun! I loved the music and the band got the crowd involved.

And then...Just as soon as it began,,,it was over!!! So much fun though. Yes I knew it was not the REAL abba...just in case someone thinks I did!!! 

After the show we met up with Tammy, her sister and her college roomate. We discussed checking out the clubs, but they were not open til 10 and honestly I was BEAT!!! Time to find Mark and head home. 
We found him..he spent the time playing the slots. No big wins, infact no wins at all. Wahh! Oh well, we had a great time and I cannot wait until the next RETRO tribute band in March......
THE BEE GEE's!!!! I can't wait! and this time we are all going together!!! There are six of us and again Mark was able to score us a table!!! He rocks.. "...he's a woman's man!!"