Sunday, May 29, 2016

Happy Eats..looks like I ate through MAY

April Birthdays/Mothers Day and looks like I take tons of trips to EAT!
Central NY area
April-May 2016

Apparently I have less time to blog, less time to travel and MORE time to GET FAT and EAT!!!
Most of my TRIPs of late have been to absolutely GORGE myself in food.

 Happy Birthday to YOU!

 All my Kids (Minus Ben..)
April Birthdays took the family to dinner at TGI Fridays.  Happy Birthday to my Mother and my eldest Son Nick.

Mother's Day we had a nice lunch at The Cheesecake Factory. And YES I did have a slice of CHEESE CAKE
 White Chocolate Raspberry is my favorite,
 (looks like there is a burger on that plate.)
 My beautiful mother.
My beautiful Mother in law.

By the following Monday I was SICK SICK SICK. I'm not sure what happened but it nearly took me a week to get back to Normal. Needless to say I was able to eat Chinese take out on Tuesday evening, Mark and I were able to hit the Casino Buffet prior to a wedding by the following weekend.
 In between I got my nails and my hair done.

May 18th was the beginning of my second attendance to the NY STATE Care Manager Coalition conference in Albany NY. And guess what...I ate there too. I wont get to detailed about the conference, It was interesting, I learned a few things the guest speaker was amazing....and there are SEVERAL changes coming down the pipe line. BUT the fun part was spending time with my co-workers.
 Stacey and Renee at the Desmond Hotel in Albany, This place is truly beautiful. Talk is next years conference will be in Buffalo/Niagara Falls area.
 Dinner was at DiBella's and I have to say it was pretty tasty.
 Later that evening we enjoyed time at the hotel. Kindof like a Adult Sleep-over.

 Breakfast before the conference started.

 A little fun with the fish.
 Then it was time for LUNCH. There were a lot of us from the office. 21 OCM crew.

 This was the thought when lunch arrived...WHAT is THIS?????

 Cocktail reception following the day of information made up for the poor lunch.

 We all got in for a free cocktail.

 Then a bunch of us headed off to dinner. Maxies.
 There is a ton of food on this table.

 The second day of the conference started with Denny's for breakfast. Then a nice lunch stop on the way home in Herkimer NY.

 The restaurant was right on the River. No wonder it was called the Waterfront Grill and it was perhaps my favorite meal of the week.

 Oh and some beautiful bathroom flowers. (Yes these guys were in the bathroom looking at you while you went.)

 Tried something a little different....Not to mention the French Fries.

 These fun guys were in the gift shop. Representing Chittenango birth place of Frank Balm.
Once I got back I attended the funeral of my dear friend Carol's mother. Such a difficult thing to deal with. So Sorry for your loss my friend.
Later that evening the family and I attended a Syracuse Chiefs Game. And guess what....we ate there too. Not nearly as good as the last few days of food....Cold hot dogs while sitting in seats that dont have nearly enough room around you to juggle your food and drink on your lap. Game was fun to watch though.

Saturday had been my ALL DAY CROP, but no one could come. Except Mary and she couldn't come til after 4pm. Instead Carol stopped over and brought a ton of left overs from the funeral. Taco's, and sandwiches. Kelly also came over and then Mary hooked up with us later in the day. Kelly, Mary and I had the most amazing dinner at Bull and Bear Tavern right down the street from my house. (First time I ate there.) 2for1 Margarita's and some tavern food make for a nice enjoyable Saturday evening.

Weekend over and I was soon off to yet another all day training.
The following Wednesday a bunch of us attended a conference in Glendale NY (Near Albany) at Conifer Park inpatient.  We had to leave at 5:30am to get there on time.
Breakfast was Micky D's on the road, Lunch was wraps, chips, and pasta salad at the conference...oh yeah and a cookie too.

The conference was all about the pandemic of opiate use in America. We all look happy, but the subject matter is incredibly sad. The initial speaker was a mother who had lost her son to a Heroin overdose. She even had him with her in a Tupperware container.
 The analogy of a plane crash a day is what the stats look like in deaths to Opiate overdose something like 136 people a day die to OD. CRAZY AWFUL.
Friday came quick this past week despite how long the weeks have been with all the conference coming and going.
After work I met up with some old co-workers the Crouse Crew at the Turning Stone for dinner at the Buffet. I know the Turing Stone well, so I knew what was good to eat and yes I filled my face. Fun part was I got a $5 free play, had 19 points and won something like 13 bucks at the slots. Plus I got to see Hope whom I haven't seen in years, If it wasn't for her; I would have never got together with my husband.

 That's Hope with Nancy and Theresa with her absolutely adorable mother. She brought a bag of nickles to play the slots.
Wow...So now I am all caught up with my trip taking life....and recognize I must get out and about more and LESS eating. Next adventure looks like a trip to the back yard to get the patio put together and the pool up and running. Maybe a little later take the dogs for a walk. All this eating has GOTTEN ME EVEN FATTER!!!!
Hope you are all enjoying the Memorial Day picnic foods. I have got to PASS!!!