Sunday, July 10, 2016

2016 Staff Day

Bellevue Country Club 
Syracuse, NY
June 17th 2016
This years staff day was very much like last years. Breakfast first thing in the morning. See all these cheerful staff.

There was a quick update from Scott our big boss. We have a NEW name. I can't tell until September. I'm trying to adapt, but I like the LOGO! (do not peek and look at Scott's shirt either)

Then break out activities.

I did SALSA!!!
These ladies ROCKED it!! Thank you Shelly,
Then there was a LUNCH break.
BROWNIES were delish!
After lunch Renee and I hosted Karaoke!!! We had a few participants.
Including the Clinical teams Happy Birthday to Sara.
The Dual Team....that would be me!! Did tequila, and yes there is NO singing to this song.

Afternoon relaxation.

The audience

 some more singing.

and some more.

Enjoying the grounds and the sunshine.

After lunch I took a class on gardening.
I have all BROWN thumbs.
Some more Salsa in the afternoon. and painting too.

Door Prizes....
I got a FREE loaf of Prinara bread every month for a year!!!
Another successful staff day!!! I just love the company I work for.
Added BONUS:

My co worker Sandy won tickets to Funny Bone, so a bunch of us went out after work.

 It was also her Birthday !!! Happy Birthday Sandy.

 The comedian was supper funny too!